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Game undownloadable?

So I really wanted to try out the game, so I tried to download it this weekend on my weekly walk around the park.

After it would download it would then go on to install but it would always fail and give me a message saying it had failed to download, with no error code.

And after a million different attempts I still cannot download the game, I have read all of the recommended methods (Clear cache, storage and etc.) But none of them work, it just seems to be my phone, I even tried multiple accounts on this device and it did not work but it works on my account on different devices.

So I reset my phone and then downloaded it first and I was able to play the game and create an account and such, but the issue is now I cannot download any games that us AR like Pokémon Go or Wizards Unite and it is giving me the same issue as Jurassic World Alive.

Has anyone else had this issue or been able to get around this problem, I would prefer not to have to choose between which games I want to play.

I have A pixel 4a on Android 11 and Google play and Google AR are both up to date.

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Welcome to the Forum! If you recently just cleared up storage I will suggest these steps :

• Clear Play Store cache first.
• Turn off WiFi from your device.
• Restart device.
• Turn on WiFi.
• Try to download again.

See if this works and let me know!


Thanks for the help, I tried this and I still got the same issue.


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I believe this should go to Jurassic World Alive Forums

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How much storage do you have free?..

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I have 105GB

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:flushed: Then it’s probably not an issue from your end…

It’s play store glitch

Just restart the phone

I have factory reset the phone and restarted it multiple times. It still has the same problem, other apps install fine.

Pls download apk from trusted source…

Hi, thanks for the suggestion, I just tried this and it also failed installation.


Hi, @Remyniscent, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having so much difficulty trying to download and install our app. :frowning:
Our support team would be glad to provide you with some additional troubleshooting steps, so kindly reach out to them at If you can remember to include as much information as possible in the email, you’d really be helping to speed up the process!


Was this problem ever corrected? I was getting the same issue when trying to update, then i uninstalled and get the same error again when trying to re-install.

Sorry to hear that, Wolfe_Odinson. Please consider emailing our team at so they can do their best to assist you. Thanks!

I eventually was able to download the game, I had to uninstall Android AR core and re download it, then redownload the game after a restart.

When I redownload the game it didn’t work the first time but after a few attempts I managed to install it.

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