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Game update 5/27

There was no complaint from anyone at all, you need to relax take your ludia hat off, sit down have a beer or whatever chills you out, we were looking for clarification on the update that appeared in the store


I hope this will answer your questions :wink:


As just by magic the shopkeeper appears lol a “ mr Ben “ joke if anyone ever watched it growing up

Merci beaucoup

My former Director of Operations used to live by that rule and taught it to me. It’s a very good solid golden rule to live by.

Thank you for fix of the new creatures

we could find out about week 3, 4 or 5 (I think 5 = fallen kingdom week)

Week 3 will defintely have spino in it at bare minimum that dino was the focus of jp3

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I hope it fixes the bugs and crashes for iPhone 6 users.

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