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Game was reset

loaded my game on my apple iphone and its a brand new game.

I don’t know I have a screenshot of my gamekey.

efore it just logged in, today it asked Facebook or guest. i picked guest and am now at the beginning.

what’s the deal?

I closed it and reopened a popup says SWITCHING ACCOUNTS FROM 2 chars lv 1 TO my proper account (it’s back)

so what is the deal with account switching?

Where you signed up as Facebook before? If so and you chose guest this time it would assume you are a different person

Hey GabrielNich, if your game was linked to your Facebook account, and you chose “Guest” login, it would have started you on a new game. Reconnecting to the correct account again should bring your game back.

I never used Facebook. It’s the correct account now(it was just odd seeing beginning again), and I have SS my important code. thank you for response.

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