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[Game] What if

Hey I’ve got an idea for a forum game. It’s called “what if” and it’s simply a fun bit of “what if this is was like this,” and it goes like this:

You say a scenario, then talk about it. It would be good to talk about how the game would be affected. I’ll give an example:

What if monomimus was never nerfed/reworked? So 1.4 monomimus would still be tyrant in 1.5, but high apex in 1,6. compared to 1.6 procerathomimus… they would be very similar in strength, but monomimus is nullify and procera is Distraction. In 1.7, procera would begin to be superior. Monomimus wouldn’t drop, but it would be hurt badly, here it still gains “swap in dodge.” Which keeps it from dropping, but in 1.8… it drops to mid apex. Procera is in high, but monomimus suffers from the dodge nerf, 1.9 makes it even worse as it wasn’t reworked. It’s now redundant due to being wrecked everywhere, low apex for sure. 1.10 gives it a helping hand due to the dodge buff, but since it has to get nerfed here due to dodge, it’s not insane, mid apex. And that’s where it would stay, benefitting from buffs and epic stats, but suffering from the environment.

I’m looking forward to what you guys come up with! :smiley:

What if superiority strike was never added. I would say all the raptors would be mid apex by default.


What if shields were never a thing? There would only be armor piercing attacks, and indominus rex would be at least low tyrant.


You mean high tyrant?

What if draco never got nerfed, or boosts weren’t a thing

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Oh, whoops, I’ll change that.

What if there was never immunity?


Ardontismaxia, geminititan, monomimus, procerathomimus, dimetrodon, and many others would lose what was once what kept them into the spotlight, now without immunities they’d be weaker, but on the plus side, no immune meta


What if all chompers base speed was around the 130 range

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What if counters like majunda, lythorax, raja, or dio get 120+ speed

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Not really. With so many creatures able to dodge or nullify, it wouldn’t be broken. The only tyrants that would struggle against Indom would be grypo, tryko, and entelomoth

What if Shields on Immune dinos were never rebalanced so that they could be shattered, only nullified…

Ankylocodons would be everywhere

I also wonder what if superiority strike could still completely cleanse a Dino… bleeders would be nonexistent, Testacornibus would be considered much better since it has a superiority impact on top of SV. It’d be tank wars all over again.


What if Hybrids were never added. Then diplodocus and mammoth would dominate


What if i necroposted? Ok jk 11 days isn’t that long right? Anyway…

What if indog2 never existed and G1 got cautious Strike?

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I think 2 months is the longest you can wait before it counts as necroposting

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What if monolorhino was the king of this game, and Maxima/Gemini were never good :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


What if dimorphodon was an end-game dino? Like a unique level?


What if This Topic was never made?


Nice one! @Jurassic_gamer_2.0


What if they add a Caveman as a creature. Attacks with a spear For armour piercing or a fire torch with the revenge abilities!