Game will not load after updated


another person with the same phone purchased 5 days ago did not update and theirs works fine!


HELP!!! I could go to a non google play store and download the APK from some janky site or download an app like es downloader and back up her apk and transfer the old file to mine…


I posted this earlier dude, hope it helps;

I’m not too sure how this translates to iOS - but hopefully this will help at least one person out.

  1. Make sure JWA is closed
  2. Go to Google Play and uncheck the ‘sign in automatically’ and ‘use this account to sign in’ options
  3. Re-open JWA and create a new account (i.e link it with your Facebook)
  4. Assuming the game loads with this new account, close JWA and undo the changes in step 2

Essentially it seems to be an issue with the account being used to log in, not so much the actual app itself - so doing this disconnects and then reconnects the account.

You will not lose any of your currently saved game data, that’s all stored within the Google account (or whatever account your used to register)


If you have fixed this problem can you help me out I’m at the same place you were?are? :crossed_fingers: