Game will not load


Game will not load. Its been like this since day before yesterday! What can I do to fix it.

Can't even load the game now
Game won't load for last 3 days

I cant get the game to load for the last 3 days. I’ve tried on wifi and mobile data, tried uninstall reinstall. Im able to play other games and even stream video


That is exactly how mine has been for the past few days and my friends game too. It won’t load on WiFi or data and yet I can still do all my other games and stream Netflix and videos. And I have the newest update as well.


Mine gets stuck on collecting extraction darts and wont move… i uninstalled/reinstalled…rebooted the phone, but still nothing…i dont want to miss out on Blue…whst can b done about this?


It just gets stuck on the loading screen forever. Well jurassic world you had a good run lol. First it glitches out and locks me out of getting cash permanently now it won’t even load great work guys.


That is exactly what mine has been doing and I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app used WiFi and data and it won’t load me in either.