Game won’t let me use another Facebook account

I used to play Jurassic world on my iPad and my account was connected to the Facebook than I left the game and when I got a new iPad I wanted to start again so maded another account and logged in with it and after some months again I left the game because of some real life issues and now I wanted to play again but when I open the app it will tell me Jw needs to log into Facebook so I click on it but when I do it shows the old account one with the first Facebook account not the new one I deleted the app and reinstalled it but stupid game still gave me the exact same text and took me back to the same screen the game not even give me a option to put any other email or anything just straight up takes me to the old account login please how do I fix this the new Facebook account had 8 indominus rexes in it

Hey there, @Humzilla, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having difficulty with this! Our support team would be glad to help you out, so reach out to them at, including your support key in the email.