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Game won’t load on iPhone 8 as of July 14th 1:00pm

It worked fine in morning but now opens, starts log in arrives at “gossiping with Vikings” then crashes back out. I’ve tried on wifi, off wifi, turned phone off, checked for new updates.

My son can see play on his iPad , it loads game up.

This happening to anyone else?

Happened to me yesterday. Nothing would work until someone suggested uninstalling then reinstallling the app and logging back in with your Facebook key. Make sure you retire your key down first before doing this in case there is a catastrophic problem, with the key ludia will be able to restore your game

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I’m sorry to hear about this, @Carly_St-Laurent. If you’re using a WiFi connection, could you try forgetting the network on your iPhone then re-adding it and see if that helps?

You can also follow Mpthomas’s advice but please write down your support key beforehand just in case. If you’re still unable to login, don’t hesitate to reach out and provide your support key to our support team at so they can provide additional troubleshooting. Thank you!

I have the same problem - it started yesterday.

Is yours working again?

I tried forgetting the WiFi - same problem.

The reinstall idea worked but I had Facebook log in to put it all back together.

I have always played as guest - waiting for support to get back to me - there is a long queue.

Not sure how/why, but all is working again.