Game won’t load on my ipad

How do I know if I have the latest release of the game? It is at version 1.28.14.pap

That is the latest version so that’s not the issue.

Idk about you Matthew but i have tried countless of my parents friends and my own devices i sinply cant log in so i think it migth have to do with the account itself and therefore the next qustion comes can hou get banned or suspended in this game

Beacuse for me rigth now this would be the only theroy i have rigth now since not everyone is experincing this problem

And i just wanna make it clear i havent cheated and i dont think that you have either

The update could also just be buggy idk i am just waiting for my support email to be answered

Gl Matthew with the game and let me know if you can log in or what you have tried to do that migth be new :slight_smile:

Thanks Rasmus_Poulsen! Let me know if the problem gets fixed for you because I want to know what you did. What type of divine to you play on?

Hi i recently got the results back from my issue and i dont wanna make anyone nerves but they said the had to delete my account bescuse of corupted data bur luckyli i have an extra that is pretty stacked to that i maybe can get som stuff transferede to but my orignal account is gonna be deletede

I haven’t gotten any response from the help group in a few days now. One suggestion though was to reinstall the game. Since I’m playing as a guest (I think) on an Apple device, it’s supposed to be safe to do. Not sure what safe means here, but I don’t want to lose my progress.

Are support keys unique to each and every user? Is the support key the link to my progress wherever it’s stored?

Hey Matthew1, I’m sorry to hear that our team has not responded to you yet, sometimes their investigation could take some time, but I’m sure they’ll try to get back to you soon. The support key is a unique 8 letter key to every player. However, if you were playing on a guest account, I recommend waiting for our support team for further troubleshooting because reinstalling the game on a guest account could cause data loss.

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I have the same problem

If you get it fixed let me know what you did.

Until now, it does Not work. Maybe its fixed with the next update.

I can’t log in too. Seek support assistance and their reply below-

“Thanks for your patience.

I’ve gone ahead and taken a look at your account. Unfortunately, it looks like the issue is caused by corrupted data. There are a couple options here, we’ll explain both to you and then you can decide which option to choose.

  1. The guaranteed solution to this is to delete the account. This means that you will need to start over from the beginning, but the corrupted data will be gone. Once it’s deleted, and you can provide me with the new account’s Support Key, I will be able to credit you with your previous balance of resources (coins, food, dino bucks, DNA, Loyalty Points) as well as any purchases made on your current account. For the purchases we’ll just need a copy of your purchase receipts so we know what to credit you.

  2. Our team is working on a fix which should come out with the next update. If you’d like to wait to see if the update will fix the issue you are more than welcome, just let us know! However, at this time we aren’t sure if the fix they are working on will help those already affected, or if it is a preventative fix so that other players won’t become affected with this issue. This means there is a chance that even when the next update arrives, you may still have the issue present on your game.

Please let us know whether you’d prefer to wait for the next update, or if you’d like us to wipe your data so you can begin playing again.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.”

I am so disappointed with ludia

Wow :scream: so if you use a guest account for this game, there is a chance that you could suffer from data corruption and have to start from scratch? :open_mouth: if you were to restore the entire device to a backup from before the data corruption, would that work?

Is there any benefit to signing in with a Facebook account in this scenario or would data corruption also affect those accounts in the same way and you start from scratch again?

Since i downloaded the new Update, my Account is working again. Im so happy guys!

I always have the same problem but it works after kicking me out once

If it kicks you out after you tap on something to collect coins or something, try to avoid taping that

I have the same issue. This is the 2nd time I run into this issue. Last time I were told to start over… Got the few ressources I had but lost all dinos and the level 29 account.
This time a level 32 account and the dinos including the Indominus Rex I just made.
I’m gonna wait and hope the next update will fix it… because nothing else has.
I’m NOT starting over again… Having this happen 2 times in a few weeks is way more than enough… too unstable of a game and too little support…
Ridiculous… Seems unprofessional!! :rage:

I have the same problem as Matthew1 now and ive already tried all the solutions

Can the next update fix this?

It would be nice to know if using Facebook will prevent this? Does Ludia maintain some backups of games on the server to restore if there is a data corruption issue? Seems like it might be a good idea to provide people a way to take a game snapshot if they want to use local storage if multiple people have run into this issue. Technically that shouldn’t be that hard to do, other games I’ve played before have had a similar feature.

Shoulda coulda woulda. At least screenshot your support key. I use a dummy Facebook account for all my games, including this one.

I really wish I had done that too HSWB, I assume that doesn’t interfere with the Facebook account you normally use on your phone? I know it’s darn near impossible to have two accounts in Facebook open (which is annoying, you can get around that on a desktop via Chrome extensions but not so easy on a tablet or phone). Not willing to start over at this point though and I assume they can’t transfer the game to a different Facebook account. If I ever decide to give JWA a try again though, I definitely will look into doing this.