Game won’t load past 16/24

The game was acting strange, every time I would enter and exit a sanctuary the lost match screen would pop up and take away trophies, when checking my battle screen the trophies did not change. I force closed the game and attempted to reopen but now it won’t load past 16/24. I deleted the game and reinstalled, the same thing is happening

Hey Tom_Z, could you try changing the time zone setting on your device to either New York or Toronto and then try relaunching your game?

Clearing your cache might help as well, but please make sure that your game is connected to either your Facebook or Google Play account before doing that.

I’m already in ny time zone so I changed location to Toronto, that did not help, changed time zone to San Diego zone and then back to ny and still nothing. I did delete the game and reinstall(using iOS) and it’s still not loading past 16