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Game won’t load - so many bugs/problems

Hello friends and game developers.

I have the same problem since last night. The game loads only until step 18/22 and then nothing works. At some point, the error message comes with the number 114!

Everything was great with the game. Then I reached level 8 and bought the one-time offer. After my purchase confirmation, Jurassic World Alive has made a small update of 160mb. The reboot now ends with the game getting stuck at step 18/22.

I have an Iphone 7 and have restarted the phone several times, wlan and Lte restarted. The game has been restarted several times. Without success.

What happens if you uninstall and reinstall the game?
Maybe that could help, but I am afraid that all my progress in the game is gone.
What do you all mean?

To the developers: There are already so many people with this problem. Please help us, so that we can hunt dinosaurs again. Such a brilliant game, if it works! We hope for you!

In german ( in deutsch ) :slight_smile:

Hallo Freunde und Spieleentwickler.

Ich habe das gleiche Problem seit gestern abend. Das Spiel lädt nur bis Schritt 18/22 und danach geht nichts mehr. Irgendwann kommt die Fehlermeldung mit der Nr. 114 !

Alles war super mit dem Spiel. Dann habe ich Stufe 8 erreicht und habe das einmalige Angebot gekauft. Nach meiner Kaufbestätigung hat Jurassic World Alive ein kleines Update von 160mb gemacht. Der Neustart endet nun damit, dass das Spiel bei Schritt 18/22 hängen bleibt.

Ich habe ein Iphone 7 und habe das Telefon schon mehrfach neu gestartet, wlan und Lte neu gestartet. Das Spiel schon mehrfach neu gestartet. Ohne Erfolg.

Was passiert, wenn man das Spiel deinstalliert und wieder installiert?
Wömöglich könnte das helfen, aber ich habe Angst dass mein gesamter Fortschritt im Spiel weg ist.
Was meint ihr?

An die Entwickler: Es gibt schon so viele Menschen mit diesem Problem. Bitte helft uns, damit wir wieder Dinosaurier jagen können. So ein geniales Spiel, wenn es funktioniert! Wir hoffen auf euch!

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I cant enter the game anymore. The loading screen doesnt go past 18/22 and and then its stuck… I have done everything there was already suggested on this topic but nothing helps. Its been 2 whole days now. I rebooted app and phone multiple times, everything is updated and the latest version. Stable internet, but nothing seems to change anything :confused:

Exactly the same problem, but in my case since last night don’t know why, I never had any trouble logging in. Please fix it, I play on iPhone

One more with the same problem, in my case the loading screen stops at 1/22

We failed protecting them…seems they became extinct again…xD. The worst part is that I need the Megalo of the event lest hope they fix it soon

Im on IPhone as well… really want to get back to playing!

I never saw this but I am only just experiencing the same issue :expressionless: seems to be iphone related :thinking:

Same problem but mine on android.
Argh, we need to protect them.

2 days been struck on loading screen…
My VIP :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Jurassic world will not load it gets to scanning for dinosaurs and stops , my internet connection is fine everything else loads up fine , I have plenty of space on my phone

I was able to get in about an hour or so ago but then all of a sudden it keeps freezing during the loading screen at ‘Scanning for Dinosaurs…’ 18/22

I have tried waiting, closing app and waiting, restarting device, restarting/turning off wifi… :confused:


My internet connection is stable n very well fine… Mobile data and wifi…


Hi, unfortunately rebooting doesn’t work on error 114 (18/22-issue).

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C’mon Ludia, this 18/22-issue is clearly a big problem and it’s affecting many players. On top of that, it’s right when the new Dino’s are showcased… I’ve been trying to get in the game like every 30 minutes for 2 days… My incubators, the new Dino’s, hunting,… we’re losing valuable time here. I really hope you guys can fix it soon and atleast give us an update and communicate with your (paying!) players. And not the standard ‘Quit and reboot the app + check internet’-message…


I have trouble in loading the game again , it blocks at 18/22

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In exchange of all this time of opening incubators and Dino hunting lost they will give u some common Nunda dna on Monday with a bit of luck hahaha

During my past three months of Jurassic world alive I have had some problems with the game but there always gone after a phone reset but this I need help with map is not working this of course is after I updated the app. I still play the game and I love it just if anyone can fix it I still will play the game just it will be hard to play.this is during the first day of the update so it may fix itself but if it doesn’t please ludia can you helpe if you can my game name is KUL3DUD3 so if ludia if you can fix like everything else you have helped me with please try to help.

Ludia have done well but they’ve rushed the update and it’s made them look abit rubbish…

  1. Loading now takes atleast double the amount of time for anything

  2. The cancel button on the battle loading screen doesn’t work, so you can be stuck on that page for 2-3 minutes or have to restart the game and then you start already in a battle.

  3. Indominous is broken, you use cloak followed by the x2 attack and it only does 2x damage instead of the 4x damage that it should do.

  4. The new hybrids, the majority of them don’t show what is required and what level they are required to make them.

They’re what I discovered within half an hour of the update, so there will undoubtedly be more.

Good update ludia but you’ve still got work to do

Time you get to dart from a longer distance seems to have shortened alot too… and that’s with 33% extra time…

Hate to see what non paying players have time wise

So I have noticed a lot of bugs already! Battles just failing to load. Indominus Rex cloak doesnt give 2x hit. Spinotaraptor critical hit does not do 1.5x damage. Ive no doubt there are a lot more. Post below any and all bugs you have found since the update!

Get on it ludia. Make a great update for content but its bugged to hell!

Also Spinotaraptors critical hit doesn’t do 1.5x dmg as stated. A LOT of bugs! Well done ludia.