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Game won't load past 16/24


Today I have a problem that game stuck on loading screen 16/24. Was just about to battle when game frozen so I had to restart. Then it stuck.

Already did:

  • Cleared cache.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the game.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled google account.
  • Restarted phone.

Any other ideas?

EDIT: It’s working again.


Hi @Imre. yes, it happen to me too. same 16/24. do clear cache or even reinstall apps, doesnt work. also happen to me months ago. …but suddenly after it solved
before that, did u buy any offer cash or incubator offer in game? i notice this happen to me everytime after i purchase something.


Try to set the time zone on your mibile to a time zone in canada or usa…it always works for me …once i had to run the game for a week that way until ludia fixed it…just make sure to write them an e-mail about the problem


Happened to me about 2 hour ago. Still not working… All above method tried. Must ask for refund for VIP


Had that for 10 hours on tuora day, nothing helped, including a different phone. I was able to create a new guest account too, so it was an account-specific issue in my case.


I was just about to cancel search for opponent, when happened.


Will keep in mind if it happens again.


Same happened with me a couple of hours back! I think I was trying to grab a event supply drop and app froze/went black. Waited for some time but nothing happened. Restarted App and got stuck at 16/24 (Collecting Extraction Darts). Tried everything including cache, restart, time zone, even uninstall. Nothing helped.

Kept trying reinstall multiple times and then out of nowhere, it started working. I had similar issue a couple of times earlier where the game started working after a couple of hours without having to do anything. Next time this happens, I guess just have to wait!


I had this issue once. Later found out that it had something to do with Google Play (I had changed the permissions around - as soon as I changed them back, it loaded again).


I was in a borderline bad reception area and had closed and reopened to have it get stuck on 16/24. I saved an epic scent for the occasion (Anky chance) and just started it too. Hope it fixes itself like it did a couple months back when it got stuck on 18/24. Bummed about the wasted scent capsule :neutral_face: