Game won't open

and when I say won’t open I mean flat won’t open. I click it, it opens for maybe a 1/2 a second then crashes. Anyone seen this before?

Hey Bahighroller, could you try rebooting your device then relaunch the game and see if it still crashes? Let me know if that works.

yeah I tried that. Even left my phone powered off for like 5 minutes just to make sure everything cleared out. Still same thing.

I am now updating my IOS to 12.1. See if that does anything. It worked maybe 3 hours ago. Had not touched it since then.

That’s really strange, has the game been updated to the newest version, 1.4.23? If it’s updated and you’re still having issues, email our support team here at with your support key so our staff can take a look. Reinstalling the game could help as well but you should only do this if your game is linked to either a Facebook or Google Play store account so you don’t risk losing your game data from reinstalling, it’ll be useful if you have your support key saved before reinstalling as well.