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Game won't start

So I was out hunting and was about to start the epic trial tower and then got a purple loading circle that wouldn’t go away so I closed the game and now it won’t load past 1/29. It keeps asking me how I want to log in and when I choose it just freezes and won’t load. I tried restarting my phone. I tried clearing the cache. My phone needs am update but haven’t done it yet. Should I try updating it and then restart my game or would you suggest something else?

Hey there, The_blaze. Could you please try updating your device and then try launching the game again?

If you are still having issues after updating your device, please contact our support team at


Updated. Didn’t work. Contacted support team. Haven’t heard back yet

So still have the same problem from yesterday. I play on a guest account but I’ve been logged out. When I try to click on guest account to log back in it just freezes and dosent do anything. Please tell me how I can fix this