Game wont work

well ive had this problem for a while now and i did get in contact with Ludia but they said its corrupted data but it ive tried it at my college and it works fine but at home doesn’t work and at my mates house doesn’t work and they said i could either start again from nothing but get all the resources i have gathered or wait for an update to fix it i waited didn’t work so i have playde for 3 years now and i am level 70 so ye dont know what to do

Your account works at a different location? Or just the game itself?

so far just at my college but it finished for 2 weeks so i dont know what to do

If your specific account works when you are at college. Where you can login and and play your level 70 account just fine while you are there, but when you leave the campus and go else where it stops working, it is not corrupted data. Unless you mean while you were at college it worked but since you left it has stopped and you have not been able to test to see if it still works back at college.

If it works while in one location, then you go to a new location and it stops working, then you go back to the original location and it works again, this would more than likely be an issue of internet connection and speed of that connection. But this is only if it works again when you go back to the original location where it worked the first time.

ok so everytime i go to college works fine there but at home doesnt work with the sky internet and at my mates house its the same internet but doesnt work so ye i will try and find a place that works for me

ok i will try and find a place for it to work what i dont get is why did ludia say it was corupted data

There was an issue where a bunch of accounts stopped working, they might have thought you were part of that.

Can you confirm that it still works just not when you are in specific locations? Or did it stop working and it just so happens it used to work when you were at a specific location but haven’t been back to that location to confirm if it still works?

well i have been to college and went back home and tried it just doesnt work at home for me

But have you been back to college and confirmed it still works? It is possible that it stopped working due to corrupted data if you haven’t been back to college to confirm it still works while you are there.

yes i go tuesday and wednesday and it still works

Definitely not corrupted data if your lvl 70 account works in location A doesn’t work in location B but then works again when you go back to location A. That has to be something related to internet connection, as that should be the only variable in the above scenario unless you are also playing on different devices in the different locations as well.

i thought it was the device so my dad got me a new one but when i installed the game still the same problem log into facebook but still wont work so i dont know ?

I think that it his the problem of your server. Try to use it with another server. Hoping that it will work good.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue, @Luke_Cole. I’m not really sure why the game would only work on your college campus, but it’s also possible that the internet connection from your home could be blocking some incoming signals on your phone. If possible, try re-adjusting the internet you have in your home and see if that helps.

thanks Ned it finally let me go on it last night and now today as well it looks like its fixed and i wanna say thank you for the help and tips too


Its good to hear you have the access back… just curious to know did you made any changes to your network settings or it auto corrects itself


I was just curious to know if this worked for you? My friend has a similar issue with his router and it did work for him.