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Dragons Titan Uprising is a great game, I’ve been enjoying it for a long time but I’ve got to the point where I’m getting fed up of getting the same 2 star dragons and nothing more to level my dragons to 3 star and above. Like I’ve been breeding 2 Zapplejacks together (1 three star and 1 two star) and I’ve been getting the 2 star version over and over and I’ve been breeding these 2 dragons for about a week. It was getting so annoying that I started wasting my runes to speed up the breeding instead of saving them up for a premium hatch for 400 runes, which I used to do. Still no 3 star Zapplejack and that is not the only dragon I need to train into a 3 star. My entire team which is 3 three stars and 2 four star dragons need the exact version of the dragon to train up.
So what is the chance for a 3 star when breeding? 1%? It certainly feels like it. Can’t imagine what chance it is to get a 5 star… that’s probably the reason why I don’t have one. But this is what Ludia are like, make you spend lots of real money to actually get better dragons by using runes, just look at Dragons: Rise of Berk. That game is no different. The rune prices are ridiculous in both games, for example 1 Night Light in Rise of Berk costs 14,500 runes, to get that dragon you have to spend £100 to get it. I understand that it is a free game but when you get to level 20 and it gets a lot harder to level up your dragons but there is no need to force people to spend real money especially when the game is supposedly for children.

The other problem that I have has to do with a little part of gameplay. After you make a move with the gems, the game automatically decides what happens next. So when your dragon is about to die and it is ready to do it’s special skill, you can’t use it before it dies. You can click on the dragon as much as you want, it won’t do it and it gets very frustrating. Not to mention that the game sometimes glitches out and you can’t do nothing but click the auto play button and allow the game to run itself. But that takes forever because it is glitching out too much or you end up losing battle as the A.I. isn’t the best.

In the end I hope you fix the glitches and at least increase the chance to get a 3 star dragon and above. It would be very nice so I can enjoy the game again.
Thanks for reading this long essay.

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If you have two 4 star dragons or a 4 and 5 star dragons (not sure about the 4 star but am pretty sure… my breeding is being upgraded to level 6 so cant check at this exact moment, but know for sure about the two 5 stars) will give you a 3 star dragon at the minimum.

You can also hatch 3 star dragons in the hatchery :slight_smile:


I feel your pain. Before my game was messed up I tried over and over again breeding Gasleak and Anveil every night to get a copy of either of them so I could level them up but I only ever got the 2 star Zapplejack.
I also find in game play that I can’t use my dragons special skill because it’s already been targeted by the enemy team and will be taken down and I can’t have it jump the order of moves. I could be wrong of course but thats just my observation.


Nobody knows the percentages, but let me just put it this way: a week is NOTHING. Literally. I know there were some snowflakes who managed to get multiple copies of 4s dragons, but my best estimate was one 4s a month, and then I gave up on that. So maybe if you breed for 2 months straight with minimum downtime and only 3+3 dragons - yes, maybe you could complain. Otherwise… keep breeding.

All I can say is that breedin a standard 3s is fairly simple, the chance is high enough to be reliable. 3s hybrid, on the other hand, is a different subject. I got only 2 hybrids over 4 months. 3s hybrids, of course, anything below 3s is worthless most of the time.

4s basic is maybe 1% at best. I don’t know if it’s better to breed 4+4\4+3 or 3+3, but both of my dragons were 3+3 results, 3+3 takes 4 hours and can be faster with some ~level35 breedery upgrade. Maybe 4s breeding also can be faster, but that’s level 40+.
3+3 is 4h
3+4 is 10h
4+4 is 12h, if I recall. Maybe it’s better to leave 3+4 or 4+4 overnight\at work, but like with strategic dragon training - more chances means more rewards.

As for 4s hybrids or 5s dragons - don’t even think about getting them legally. Ludia certainly doesn’t seem at all interested in the breeding mechanic, it’s somewhat of a crutch for free players. I use it now to get 1s dragons for strategic taining and faster duties, not even planning to get a copy of anything that I need.

Your best hope - are the event\trust dragons, especially now that there’s a multitude of them. And, if Ludia brings back these drills - maybe spending some 500 runes reviving just to get that guaranteed 4s copy - is a good idea.

But speeding up breeding? Are you alright? And even 400 runes per draft is a waste. I wouldn’t spent 4k even on a special event. Again - trust dragons, resets, revives - that’s your que. But if you don’t have 100-500$ and time to invest into TapJoy - you can forget about basically all kinds of drafts.
And breeding… again, it’s an utility, not a hope.


When the game freezes and you have to put on autobattle, you can turn off auto again. I am usually able to turn if off before the game plays a turn