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[Gameplay] Armored Titan Strike 03.05.19

Pretty easy and mvp goes to the new Purutaurus :smiley:


Very nice, I did the same thing and the crits even matched up. Thank you.

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Boosted Thor completely destroyed this tower.


Mine too! :smiley:

Dont have any boosted dinos yet :neutral_face:


Oh think about the same strategy, will post in a moment mine too ^^

My 28 Thor with only a Tier 1 boost to damage, no health or speed, soloed this tower too.

Ludia, the boosts did not win this tower. Please don’t put them on the opponent dinos. :cherries:


So starts with Dio and swaps to Scolo? And is this battle the one kind of battle that’s not broken at the moment?

Armored Titan, nice…:joy::joy:

Did it with lvl 24 Thor (speed/dmg/hp boost), dmged Rajakylo and oneshotted Skoola. Lvl 23 Tenrex with all three boosts finished Rajakylo and dmged Tryko. My lvl 23 Tryko with speed boost finished Tryko.
Very bad DNA tho. But…


Here’s the video. Relatively similar to the author of the topic ^^


Mine is only a lvl 12 and “thought” I had this one. I’d taken out the first two pretty easily and was happy I’d maybe get to win an epic tower. Then their Tryko comes out. Gee, what are the odds they get consecutive crit after crit after crit and mow down my last two Dino’s. Should have known that was coming. Still not dumping money into it to beef the Dino’s up more to win one tower. Have to give them credit for at least attempting to get money out of me.

Here is Thor walkthrough. Got Smilodon :grinning::grinning:


I used a lvl 22 Sucotator, a lvl 19 Stegocera(lots of stuns) and my lvl 25 Indo boosted, 2x each stat… :slight_smile: worked …got a Smilodon too. Adorable looking beast.

i cant believe it, i was following your steps and clicked on draco instead of the bird. i lost, im so angry rn

I beat it with Thor, took 0 dmg… Maybe too easy

Boosted thor? Thor 30?

Oh damn… sorry to hear that… made that mistake once too

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Lvl 25 1 boost to spd, dmg and HP


Those towers will become ridiculous with stat boost …


I agree it wasn’t just boosts. I have lvl 23 thor 1 hp boost 1 speed boost.

Started with suchotator. Than thor ran through the rest. It wasn’t boost this is simply a Thor Tower.

If it had different dinos that are good against Thor this would go differently. But rajakly and scola are literally Thor bait.

Don’t think we need AI to have boosts like that. It just takes the right dinos.