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[gameplay] broken battles & spontaneous losses


Now imagine if this happened near the end of tournament

Skip to minute 2:10



had this happen just now but with a “you win” screen.
1 dino knocked down (me) vs 0 dinos knocked down (opponent)

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I’ve had this happen a few times.
I can only imaging how frustrating it would be to have this happen over 5500 trophies.

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I’m sorry that happened in one of your battles @Hersh, and I can understand that it would be even more frustrating if that occurred during Seasonal PvP. As it seems, this problem is usually related to an error in the connection. With the risk of sounding repetitive, there are troubleshooting steps here could help with this: Lost a battle I was winning.
However, please rest assured that our team is aware of this issue and they’re still actively working in trying to reduce the possibility of this happening. For the time being, we had reports that force closing and relaunching the game when this happens should allow you to continue the battle, but I understand that doing so would have a negative impact on the match.
If you’re having this issue often, please feel free to let our team know here at so they could investigate your case further.


This Has Happened to Me A Few Weeks Ago


Yeah, this is a rare, but reappearing bug. Last time it happened to me on the “Fight or Flight” epic incubator.

You have to forceshut and relaunch the game, like @Ned said. You can continue it that way.



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I was leading 2 - 0 in a battle last night with a very strong chance of winning when my opponent got his first kill against me. But then nothing else would happen other than I could stare at the dinosaur that just killed me. I was unable to choose another dinosaur so was forced to restart the app. By the time I got the game restarted I was already defeated. I was at a place where I play quite often and rarely if ever have connection issues there.


If you weren’t already going to auto-lose from the glitch…
Wasting time to “force-shut” and then restart will certainly seal the deal


When this happens, I’d rather be auto forced out of the battle and not lose any trophies, then my creatures can be controlled by a bot and the opponent will still have their trophies, both sides are satisfied.


Although something could be done allowing you to not lose trophies because of a disconnect is insanely abusable. If youre losing you can force close the game and avoid defeat, theres no way to tell if disconnecting was intentional or not.


“I’m sorry that happened in one of your battles”

One… that’s cute :rofl:

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I have lost many, many trophies due to this issue. Is there any way to get some back? It’s quite frustrating when you work so hard only go backwards when it wasn’t even your fault.
Thank you for your time.

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Happens me several times. I wrote to consumer service with screen shot and reference to the game but they clearly don’t care - I currently ranked top 250, each free loss like this is such a pain (the worst is when you’re far ahead in the game but… sudden loss) cause it’s so hard to get back. Il like competition when it’s fair and with the lack of consideration of the consumer service, that’s kind of details which can make quit the game.

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This happened just now:
Fast forward to minute 0:35

@Ned any thoughts on this one ?

(Apparently there’s an Alliance Rush going on right now where wins matter?)


Did trophy count or anything change? Haven’t had that happen yet.


@Kodiakhunter1, This is me after restarting the game:

I was 157 in the match.


Oh… sorry to hear :neutral_face: dang game and bugs!

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What’s worse is the match making algorithm will require me to win like 2-3 battles to get to where I was before.

My frustrations with this game are compounding.


More bugs than mosquitoes in minnesota in the summertime and that’s a whole lot! Please don’t get too frustrated, just don’t let it k

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