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[gameplay] Carnival epic strike

Wasn’t that hard, but also not that easy. DNA nothing to jump for.


It says “your browser does not recognise video format” for some reason.

Edit: nevermind, made it work. It must have been connection issues.

Thanks for posting! I wondered who was in there. Good job!

Enjoy :popcorn:


I think I‘ll open with lvl 21 Tryo. FS and DSR to oneshot Darwi. Gets killed by Pyro and lvl 20 Stegodeus against her. Hopefully kills it with SS, Thagom and Rampage. Gets killed by Utarinex. Then Tenontorex lvl 22 against Utarinex, SS and perhaps Rampage if Utarinex won‘t use IC. Otherwise finish it with lvl 18 Dracocera. Didn‘t do calculations but hope it‘ll work. Or use Tenontorex against Pyrri instead of Stego and then Indom/Iraptor against Utarinex.

So Tryo for Utarinex and to finish Darwi. Then Tenontorex against Pyrri with SS and Rampage. Finally, dmg Utarinex with Indoraptor or Indominus and hold back Dracocera.

But in Hersh’s video Utarinex didn’t swap second turn.


It’s because @Hersh is special…lol

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I lost my first battle because rinex didn’t swap in turn 1 or 2. :wink: Tryo isn’t the best one to start with. I had to use magna as my first one in the 2nd attempt.

Was much easier than I had thought, here’s a mid-high level strategy
Dinos: Utasino level 20+, Dracoceratops level 19+, Indoraptor level 21+, random dino that doesnt matter

Start with Utasino, distract impact on utarinex, it will distract u in return
Utarinex impact and runs out, use crit impact and the swapped in darwin.
Instant Charge the darwin
Swap in Dracocera, darwin dies
Pyrri comes in, doesnt deal enough first turn damage to kill dracocera, so use rampage
Dracocera gets knocked out by pyrri using distract rampage
Send out indoraptor, finish pyrri with cleansing impact
Utarinex comes back in, just rampage and strike it to kill
And congratz, hope u get the dna u wanted


Here my try, went as I plan fortunately.



I wonder if the A.I. is coded more adaptively now?

This was a first/only attempt for me and a friend told me they had a different order… so maybe it’s just the AI mixing things up ?? :man_shrugging:t4:

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Just saw your video @Hersh, it’s possible that when you evaded the Instant Charge and KO’d the Rinex, AI can’t do swap to Darwin no more so Pyrrit was due to come out next. Must be a condition set. If Rinex had health remaining Darwin would have came out next.

You just had to go all macho on that Rinex lol


Thanks for that plan! Could that work with a Utasino 19 do you think?

Must admit @Pepito_Aie I was holding my breath for a second at the the end.

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@jvpeters if your team is similar to Dragonclaw927 your 19 utasino will take a damage of 1883 so it should survive as long you don’t get critted lol


Just to add to the “wait, what” bit, I had Pyrri use RTC on it’s third attack. It was against a fresh Stegod.

you recieved the best rewards congrats!! and that was close


Could have won 3-0 but became cocky/stupid half way through…


Thanks @DinoL3o. The @Hersh video has me a little nervous. It appears they may be learning to adapt?!


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Alrighty then I‘ll use Utahsino as opener with DI, CI and IC followed by DI. Then Tenontorex against Pyrri with SS and Rampage. Lastly, Iraptor to finish Utarinex with Dracocera if nessecary cuz of IC.