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[Gameplay] Dimodactylus strike - 24.05.19

Here’s my try if it can help you prepare for it. Not so hard and I was a bit lucky.

Indominus lvl 20
Dracoceratop lvl 20
Erlikosaurus lvl 20
Deacorex gen 2 lvl 18



Welp. I think I forgot to take a screenshot of my rewards this time. :joy: I got Giraffatitan, Baryonyx, Erlikosaurus Gen 2, Ankylosaurus, Velociraptor, and I don’t remember the second common.

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Great rewards, i was lucky for rare but not the others …

I actually just remembered my second common while donating some Rex Gen 2. It was Dilophosaurus Gen 2, which is why I suddenly remembered while donating some Gen 2 Rexy. :joy:

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Here is my attempt. Procerathomimus did the majority, Magna just finished it. DNA was trash except Monolopho.


Followed the same thing basically, I used Indom (Lv. 20), Erlikosaurus (Lv. 18), The Hatz hybrid (Lv. 16) and DC (Lv 18).

Only difference, I let Indom die and I finished with The Hatz hybrid (who I call Pelican).

My rewards was meh, got some Megalosaurus and


My connection failed before I even did a move. Managed to log in 20 minutes later. I apparently “missed” incubator rewards?!

My team:

Level 21 Thoradolosaur (not boosted–lol)
Level 21 Erlidominus (boosted–hp)
Level 20 Utahsinoraptor (boosted–speed)
Level 21 Trykosaurus (not boosted).

Only needed Thoradolosaur and Erlidominus and no losses!

Opened with Thoradolosaur because of the shield breaking moves, crit chance, and stun move (if needed for clean up). Swapped to Erlidominus (immunity) when Dimodactylus swapped in, which worked great. I got Rexy and Gryposuchus DNA. :blush::+1:

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My team recommendation:

T.rex or any good/boosted heavy hitter
Monolopho or Monomimus (finally a use) to counter tupundactylus
Any good immune creature (be it Indom or even postemetrodon or secodont)

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If you don’t have all those Legendaries and Uniques, never fear!
I’m a level 11 and just beat it with Epics, Rares and a Common.

Thanks to my alliance (Rex It All) for funding me enough Proceratosaurus DNA to get my Proceratomimus (Christmas Chicken) to Level 13. Also, a shout out to the YouTubers who showed how they approached the Strike with Christmas Chicken and Purrtaurus.

Team Setup:
Procerathomimus - Lv13 - Boosted HP+4, ATK+3, SPD+1
Dracorex Gen 2 - Lv15 - Unboosted
Purutaurus - Lv11 - BoostedHP+2, ATK+2, SPD+2
Secondontosaurus - Lv14 - Boosted HP+2, ATK+2, SPD+3

Non-Video Replay:
Opened with Procerathomimus. Was matched against the Lv30 Dimodactylus.
3 (Instant Distraction) - AI swapped out to Tupandactylus
2 (Distracting Rampage - Hit me.
3 (Instant Distraction) - Not sure
Didn’t want to give them an easy kill, so I swapped to Dracorex Gen 2.
Didn’t kill the Tupan, but only left 1230 hp on it. . Tupan one-shot the Dracorex.
Played the Purutaurus. AI swapped out to the Dimorphodon.
3 (Long Protection) - Ai did a wimpy hit and the counter-attack took off a nice chunk of HP. Puru was slower, so I then hit with the damage from LP.
4 (Instant Distraction) - AI tried to hit, but no bleed due to immunity and I counterstrike again.
2 (Precise Rampage) - AI hit, and left me little HP, but counter-attack and Rampage killed it.
AI swapped to Dimodactylus. It was faster and it killed my Purutaurus first shot.
I selected my Secondontosaurus. With the boosted speed, I was quick and powerful.
3 (Critical Impact) - Brought the AI down to very low HP, but took a nasty shot in return. 20% HP left on me.
1 (Definite Strike) Killed the Dimo, and the AI swapped in Tupan.
2 (Defense Shattering Rampage) destroyed the Tupan.

As a level 11, I got 10272 coins and more DNA than I’ve ever seen in an incubator before.
This was my very first epic strike success.

@Imre : Thanks for the video. My chicken onlly had 1877HP, and not 2030HP like yours but I plagiarized your opening salvo to excellent effect.

I also want to thank Clara Chin for showing me a solid Purutaurus strategy using her boosted Lv15.
I didn’t find the link on this forum, but it was worth posting the link and a shout out to her.


Just beat it right now, didn’t get any DNA worthwhile besides this.


Stygidaryx is coming along nicely.

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I know I’m late. But this is my video for this tower.


My Tenontorex rekt this tower lol

This is what i got yesterday


Beat it easily by using Prowler and Utahsino

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Yeah was a pretty easy strike

Waiting for today’s tower.
Also from my friend, @GorillaGlue


Sorry, don’t have one near home so the video will come tomorrow morning for me , already 8pm here so I’m not going out.

Someone in my alliance already did it and stygi came first.

Personally im going with this team

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Cool how you use lower dino combos like that. Here’s a sample of what the tower is like today.

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