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[Gameplay] Egg hunter - 18.04.19


Here my try for today epic strike. Was pretty easy. Only needed procerathomimus 22 and indo 23 to kill them all. I’m sure low lvl player can do it too. Dont hesitate to post your dinos if you want some help :wink:

Epic tower : egg hunter strike

My attempt of this easy epic strike. Did one mistake though. DNA nothing special.


Any suggestions?

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For now, I think utasino, dracocera and trago can be good but need to run some numbers before

So start with utasino with distracting impact then critical impact, spino dies.

Whatever comes, instant charge. Utasino dies

If monomimus, choose another dino then swap in dracocera.

You can finish pyrri with trago normally


Originally wasnt going to record this, but changed my mind at the last second. :grin: Fairly easy, use faster dinos.


Nice job Dinotris, although you had two mistakes. You should have opened with Rampage. Meaning you could have rampaged on Pyro with out having to get lucky with Crit. Could have had an extra hit with Erl against Mono before running away (ideally to Dracoceratops to finish the battle)


Hmm didnt see the other thread. Last strike was multiple threads as well. Maybe the people that post JWA vids can all get together and agree on some formats and such. :wink:

For one, [Gameplay] in the title should be a staple I think. :thinking:

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Yeah I saw the other post after… I wanted to delete mine but someone had already put a comment


That wasn’t a mistake, was intentional, I knew Rampage won’t kill it. Somehow overlooked Pyro level though.:grin: Didn’t have Dracocera in lineup.


I ended up beating it with just Utasino and Draco, thanks for the advise!

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Completed it with Indo, Stegod and Dracoera.

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23 Thoradolosaur
21 Erlidominus
20 Ankyntrosaurus
21 Diorajasaur

I meant to hit 19 Dracoceratops instead of the 21 Dio so I could set up the Erli -> DC double hit. Had to modify once I realized I selected the wrong dinosaur.

Started with Thor against Spino. Spino hit with Critical Strike leaving me with about 800 health. Thor critically hit Spino killing him in one shot. Pry came out next. I used Thor’s priority Stun attack and stunned Pyr but it wasn’t enough to kill him. Thor was killed with Pyr’s next hit. Having nothing faster I brought Ank in next. Picked his basic attack. Pyr hit first doing some damage but Ank’s counter-attack and basic hit killed Pyr. The battle between Ank and the chicken was slow. I kept expecting the chicken to use the evade so I kept hitting it with the basic nullifying attack. When Ank’s health got too low I swapped him out for Dio who dispatched the chicken. I didn’t need Erl but it was nice knowing I still had backup if things went terribly wrong.


Well that didn’t go to plan. Any suggestions for round 2?


What did you do in your last attempt? How you failed? Look at the first video of this thread and follow the same step. Your procera and Indo will do the job

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My procera didn’t get in a hit before spino took it out. I tried tyrannolo, ankytro and indo rex to catch up and never did.


Well look at first video and follow the exact moves.

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But now the order and moveset of the ia will be random but procera is good whatever comes.

If spino or pyroraptor, instant distraction then rampage.

If mono just nullify strike then rampage.

With indo and dracocera as backup you should be good


Beat it with my son’s account L15 procerathomimus, L15 Delta, and L14 Utah, in that order.


Beat it on the first try!

Was rather easy, although I do admit to taking those chances with Indom on those first couple rounds.


It is a mistake though, Rampage has a one turn cool down and you still used Rampage (second turn). If you had done Rampage first then you would have the option to use it against Pyro. Pyro would kill you using this method 80% of the time. If you’d open with Rampage Pyro can’t kill you.