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[Gameplay] Egg hunter - 18.04.19

The planing was unclear but glad to see it was still an epic tower despite being changed to a common one in the updated version of schedule :grin:

You can use multiple strategies to defeat them, feel free to post what you have used and your rewards!

Good luck :hugs:


Thanks, with an Erli 25 also tower overcome


Seems like we all get the same DNA ^^

Please stop … :sob:

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Theme based rewards, Pyrorapor and Spinotaraptor. 25 Magna and 26 Dilor was all it took :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m with ya on the Galli, close to 200k here too :expressionless:


Got some Spinotahraptor & Pyroraptor DNA which is always nice.


Since I unlocked erli I use it for almost every tower. The ability to be faster than anything allow to end faster the towers :heart_eyes:

Did anyone get any Tenonto? I keep fetting other egg hunters, but 0 Tenonto

You can’t get hadrosaurs out of these strikes. They’re for egg hunters. Later in the week we get tenonto though

Corey, I’m confused. In the weekly showcase incubator we have tenonto. These incubators reflect what’s usually given as reward from specific event-related strike towers. Tenonto is featured also in the Easter treasure chest we can collect every 4 hours. So, why shouldn’t she also be in strike incubators? Because she’s useful I suppose

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What appears first?

spinotaraptor pyro and mono

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Won with erlido 22, spinota 23, draco 24 . Didn’t used Indoraptor 24.

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Monosteg lvl 19 vs Spino. Monosteg wins. Pyroraptor kills Monosteg. Bring out Thor lvl 22, Thor kills Pyroraptor. Out comes Monomi and kills Thor. Bring out Indoraptor lvl 21 game over. Tryo on the bench is like come on give me action what is this!

My 21 Erlidominus took out Spinotahraptor and Pyroraptor and delt a rampage to Monomimus, then Tryko finished it off

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Time to fuse some monominus :sweat_smile: I have the same problem but too lazy…

On the incubators there are different pictures, one had a raptor claw around a egg which contain raptors and and Gallimimus/Ornithomimus. The other is the egg which contains hadrosaurids. If you look on the week schedule you can see

I used Tanycolagreus (27) to take out Spinotahraptor, Pyroraptor and most of Monomimus, then 24 Trykosaurus did cleanup with just the counter and basic attacks.


Pyro can’t kill running dino. Only Stegodeus would need to tank one hit more. Was thinking about cloak, but didn’t want to gamble.