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[gameplay] Epic Armored Event (loss 😒)

:man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4: Forgot that nodapato had a counter and was kicking myself after this loss:

Used the same team on round 2, it went much much better!


Thanks for sharing this with us @Hersh. I have not attempted this Strike event yet but with the high amount of stun and slowing abilities on the opposing team, I’m wondering if it would be a good idea for me to use some immune dinos such as Tryostronix or counter dinos like Rajakylosaurus. Let me know your thoughts.


Tryo was my first thought and was thinking 23 Posti also, but may use thor, indom and magna as the 4th just in case guy.


Bleeders also work well, I used Suchotator, spinotasuchus, tryo and trago


Can anyone confirm that the instant invincibility bug is fixed?

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Any time @Ned!
Tryostronix would be perfect for this one IMO!
Now I remember why I had stegocera on my team for soo long! Those slows and stuns are brutal!!

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Thanks for your feedback! Also, Stegoceratops is definitely a tough one. With 2 stun abilities, Slowing Impact, and armor, it’s really formidable in battle. There are times where I still put Stegoceratops on my team along with Monostegotops.

It has worked for me on separate boss strike towers so I would think so.

Indomius (lvl 20) was my first Dino in both last two step as it could easily survive first two hit (without criticals) and easily finished off first dinos in both step (4&5) without taking a hit i.e. cloak > DSI. also strategy for second/ third Dino was spinotasuchus (lvl19) bleed followed by swap to alanky(lvl 18). It also helped to kill second/ third Dino. Tryostronix (lvl19) also played important role of killing one Dino ferocious strike> 2X move.
I received anky and stegoceratops DNA

A high level Dimetrodon works wonders as well.

How High level?

Appropiate against the enemies in the tower displayed above. I’d say level 19 and above.

I mainly used Tryo and Thor… Sadly I got 347 Armaga and 31 Anky… I really need Anky…

If you have suchotator and spino, then a tank and dracorex gen2 you could do it without having to be that high level.


Thor and Suchatator tag teamed this one

I got nodopatosaurus and stegoceratops… :sob:

Ouch :disappointed_relieved: I was hoping for Sino and anky, but mainly Anky…

Anky = Gold

For me it’s non existent. 20 epic scents in last 2 weeks between L3 and L4 for Erlik and Anky. AND ended up with a ton of Spino g2 and Raja… Not a single Anky or Erlik…

this was very easy for me but i used a diloracherius.