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[Gameplay] Epic Strike - 04/02/19


Just messing around with todays Strike Tower. Used some dinos that I don’t have much experience with. :wink:


Here is my attempt. Tryo and Erli in main roles, while Tryko cleanup. Luckily mostly Raja DNA.


I got to the third event and a weird thing happen. I beat two out of the three and then it jumped to victory but I didn’t get the reward and now it’s acting like I lost and have to pay to retry it


Thor used his crit hammer for sure here, :joy:
Sorry @Hersh for using 1 of your songs I couldn’t come up with one. :joy:
and of course, people be interrupting my battles :disappointed_relieved:

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Haha I loved the 1st one you had on there also! Great choice on both counts :sunglasses:
Lol, the auto tuned commentary was a nice touch too :microphone:

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Critical, Stun.