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[Gameplay] Epic Strike - 05/12/19


Didn’t want rares anyway!

Lol, It’s always something with these guys (Ludia). At least it isn’t game breaking this time. :wink:

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Here’s my try. Nothing special about it. Didn’t get rare DNA either.

Team (no uniques, no boosts):

Suchotator 22
Tany 19
Dracoceratop 20
Purrutaurus 18


I got that Darwinopterus I wanted. :blush: Bendy isn’t the MVP for epic towers yet, not all of them at least, but I would still say he’s pulling his weight in them. :yum:

Edit: Um, I only just realized I didn’t get any rare DNA from this… What’s up with that?

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this is why :slight_smile:

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Which one is Bendy?

Wait, this has to be a bug, right? Because I know there are rare creatures for the pool. I’ve been getting Purrusaurus Gen 1 all week…

if it is a bug it is good one :smiley: no need to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:


I kind of want it fixed, though. I really want that Purrusaurus Gen 1 so I can level up Bendy…

well this was the last themed tower of the week so no more purru dna for a long time

Easy one made it 1st try with
Suchotator 20
Purrutaurus 19
Cancerous RAT 17
And got
480 gyposuchus
508 Darwin
Never got so much epic DNA on my life


Thor solod tower for me. This tower has the same glitch as the rare one from yesterday. If you one shot the first dino the count down goes all the way to 0 before the next dino comes out. If you don’t one shot the first dino the tower acts normal.

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we got almost 1k epic dna, is this ludia trying to redeem themselves?

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maybe or maybe just a bug :smiley: either way just take the dna and run

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So what is the order of the opponents?

What should I use for it?

Edit: I did it with Erlidomimus, Suchotator, Trysonix & Dracorat.


grypo starts and after turn 1 swap-in darwin - for me

Here is my attempt. Got nicely distributed epic dna.

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