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[Gameplay] Epic Strike - 05/19/19

Made sure to use un-boosted and lower leveled Dinos then the tower had, just to keep it interesting.

Prolly made a few mistakes as I never battle with these Dinos, but was fun none the less. :wink:


Jeesh they sawp around like crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What should i use for victory? I have purchased boosts but dont know what to boost should i boost trykosarus for victory?

Erlidominus level 21 with tier 3 damage boost swept the whole 3 step strike. They do so much swap stun and swap wounding, it really helps to have a fast immune creature. I swept the first step with erlidom without taking any damage.

Here is my attempt.
Felt a bit confused with all the swap in and out ;p


Yes, immune creatures are quite useful in this strike.

I did it with tryostronix and used her “ready to crush” move in turn 1.