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[Gameplay] - Epic Strike - 05/23/19

Randomly picked, Unboosted and lower level team. :slight_smile:


So i repost.

Here’s my try. Was planning for every order possible with unboosted team and non uniques dinos ^^.


Delta lvl 13
Suchotator lvl 22
Dimodactylus lvl 17
Dracorex gen 2 lvl 18



Here’s my rewards. Would’ve loved some Hatzegopteryx, but eh.


Sorry bro, thanks for reposting! :heart_eyes:


Thanks for the Video!

I’ll use what you used, only I’ll swap DG2 for DC just for the extra damage.

Also I love the music you used. :smiley:

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I tried to approximate your guide and thought I was on the track to winning.
I opened with a Suchotator - Lv 15 unboosted.
Lethal Wound followed by Instant Distraction followed by Nullifying Impact to kill Elasmotherium.
I then used Lethal Wound against Pyroraptor and it killed my Suchotator.

I returned with a Utahraptor - Lv 15 boosted to T2
My extra speed got me the move advantage but my attack didn’t crit and I didn’t kill it.
It killed me on the following turn.

I returned with my DC but swapped to a Dimodactylus - - Lv 13 but HP boosted to T2
I got the swap-in wound to apply and the Pyroraptor died on the tick from the bleed.

I used Lethal wound on the Concavenator, and it hit me twice.
I then realized I was still pinned from the swap, and was forced to try the shield, but died before the swap could take effect.

Any suggestions on how I could have changed this up to make it work?
…or a better dino to use instead of one of the ones I chose?

[EDIT: I also hadn’t realized you only get three deaths and not four. Newb learning pains.]

Can you show us your dinos please we can try to make something for you ?

Thank you! You’re welcome. I have dracocera too but just wanted to not use him this time and use some more common dinos^^

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I have many more, of course… but not sure which ones you’d want to use.

I would go with suchotator, dracocera, dimo and maybe utasino. You have something faster than pyro?

The Utasino is also faster than the Pyro as I have it boosted to T2 (134 speed).

So… simply swap out the Utahraptor for the Utasino. I don’t know why I didn’t go with that right away anyhow. The extra stun from the Utasin would have also helped.


[EDIT: The Utasino is brand new and I’m not used to relying on it yet. The Utahraptor has been my bread and butter for two weeks. So, I think I simply went with an old habit. Looking back at it, that was a clear blunder.]

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the only real good point for boosts is tower events.

with booster dinos it’s a kids challenge.


Just an advice, if you open with sucho and pyro comes first, swap to draco then finish him with utasino. swap to dimo and lethal wound. Finish the dino with sucho. Then lethal wound on last dino, ID, and nullifying impact.

If its concav or elasmo first, kill one of them with sucho. If the next one is not pyro, swap to dimo and finish with utasino or sucho. And pyro same strategy as above.

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For me boost have ruined strike tower too. That’s why I continue to plan without boost dino. I can it with one or two dino if I wanted too… but where’s the fun in that.

A topic like this one is VERY VALUABLE to new players like me that are still learning strategy and technique. If you can do it with unboosted dinos, that gives me confidence enough to try it myself. If I have boosted dinos, then I have an even better chance of winning one of these epic strikes.

As of now I’ve lost the three I have tried, but I think I am getting close.

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You’re not retrying this one?

We used to do those topic more often but with boost, less people are posting strategy and videos

I desperately need coins to level my dinos.
I can get 25,000 coins for 500 hard cash.
So, 200 hard cash is worth 10,000 coins to me.

How many coins do you get for an epic strike?
I think the 200 hard cash is worth more than what I would win from the tower, isn’t it?

At lvl 20 , you get 15 000 coins and lots of DNA

I’m only level 11.
(Yes, I know these are supposed to be out of my league… grin)