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[gameplay] Epic Tower 1/2: Indominus Rex


Hey guys!
Here’s my gameplay for the I-rex tower.
I got lucky and it never cloaked … this one was actually pretty fun! (Mostly b.c it requires you to think outside the box and choose a non-bleeding strategy)

(Keep an eye out for how a level 22 Magna’s Health compares to that of a baby Tyrannoloph :sob:)

Enjoy! Feel free to share! And Happy new year! :tada:


Don’t forget to take that magna out of your lineup this time haha

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Flexin on us with that Tryko at the end


Don’t know what strategy to use… if it crits or uses Cloak I’ll have s serious problem…


I have enough DNA to get tany to a 30 lol


Both me and my wife beat this one with both our accounts. It didn’t cloak on any of the 4 times played with us.

With my little account, I used a 15 Brachioaurus, then 17 Utaraptor and finished with a 19 raptor to pounce finish but any other faster one would have done it in.

Both our primary accounts we did with only 1 death.

After one of us battle, we know what moves it will make and was the same on all. So my little account, I was able to plan my second dino as my Utaraptor because I knew its 3rd hit was the little one so I could get a second good pound on it after the halved damage.


The tower is already there ? It’s not on Tuesday?


@Hersh not good epic… bary and spino gen 2 :frowning:


Maybe they will put another epic tower out tomorrow. :confused:

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I like when the schedule is correct xD

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1/3 not 1/2, Ludia messed up the schedule and forgot to list the epic strike for today. Tomorrow is 30 alanqa and 30 pteranodon.

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15 - Alanqa
15 - Dracorex Gen 2
16 - Tragodistis
19 - Paramoloch

Because the dinosaurs I have in my collection can’t stand up to I-Rex attacks I had to look at dinosaurs that were faster and had Long Invincibility moves (thank goodness I-Rex doesn’t have shield breaker or nullify moves).

I selected the team in this order; Paramoloch, Alanqa, Dracorex G2, Tragodistis to make what I thought would be best use of their Swap-In abilities.

I led with Paramoloch’s Strike followed by Rampage and Run. Had Alanqa set to Swap In after Paramoloch ran out so Alanqa’s Swap-In would prevent her from taking any damage. Then used Alanqa’s Long Invincibilty so that I would be able to use a Rampage attack without Alanqa taking any damage. Then swapped Alanqa out with full health and Swapped In Dracorex G2. Due to IRex’s Cloak the Dracorex G2 Rampage was dodged. Knew Dracorex would be a sacrifice but that was okay. Brought Tragodistis in and with her Long Invincibility, Counter-attacks, and Rampage finished off the I-Rex.

Only lost the Dracorex in the battle.


Thanks @Mega!
I was going off the schedule they released… I got used to 3 towers a week and was hoping they didn’t decide to tone it down :slight_smile:


Gorgosuchus 21

Ferocious Strike

The End


yeah but having a 21 gorgosuchus lol


I face many stronger Gorgos x]

Anyway, everything could have gone wrong if Indo had crit in its first attack or used Cloak :slightly_smiling_face:


This smiling face has eaten many a tryko, dioraja and stegod


This tower was fairly easy. It didnt cloak at all. I beat it with a level 18 Tyrannalophasaur which brought it down to just under 600 health before being killed. My lev 19 Tany finished it off.


It did not cloak for me, and beat it with 16 paramoloch, 15 dracorex gen 2, and 20 velociraptor. Only loss was the dracorex. Unfortunately, not much good dna… gryposuchus, pteranadon, and a little nodopatatitan.


I gave up on my gorgo at lv 23. :rofl: