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[gameplay] Epic Tower 2/3: Pterosaur Duo


Happy new year everyone!
Here’s my walk-through for today’s tower:

Enjoy and share yours too! :popcorn:


Got really lucky with the DNA!
Caught an Ankylosaurus after I did the strike event too! :smiley:
Gave me a freshly created Ankyntrosaurus!

Posted mine here: Pterosaur Duo tower (video)

I see you were even more on the edge as me, @Hersh.

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lol im having way to much fun with this!!

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Lmao! Love the music selection :slight_smile::ok_hand:t4::shark:

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As usual, here’s mine. Got some decent epic dna ^^ . The first was enjoyable :grin:


thanks for sharing. i followed your steps and got me an epic incubator!


18 - Gorgosuchus
18 - Allosinosaurus
19 - Suchotator
20 - Diplotator

Although I never had to use the Gorg, it was still a close match. I started with Suchotator and used the nullifying attack to see if there would be a swap or shield for Alanqa’s first move. She rampaged and hurt me pretty good. The second move I went ahead and used the bleed attack. Alanqa swapped out and the Pteradon came in so the Pteradon got hit with the bleed. The Pteradon finished off both my Suchotator and Diplotator (Diplotator didn’t stand a chance) but the bleed killed the Pteradon. I still had to finish off Alanqa. Brought in Allosinosaurus and my first strike against Alanqa was a lucky critical hit that left Alanqa with about 35%-40% health. Alanqa was still faster than I was but the instant stun attack did enough damage to kill her.