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[gameplay] Epic Tower: 2/3 Tyrannosaurus Rex


Hey guys!
Here’s my gameplay vid for today’s tower…
it went a little quicker than I expected :sweat_smile:


But I’ll be honest, I didn’t really enjoy this strategy. I think I’ll be going the more traditional route from now on. Bleeding is a pretty guaranteed way of winning single opponent towers without much/any risk, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that (especially if your dinos aren’t leveled that high yet). I do miss the excitement epic towers used to bring though!

Enjoy, feel free to share and good luck! :popcorn: :goat: :t_rex:


I will do it without bleeders personally, little bit tired of this bleeding strategy too. Will post the video here as usual. I’m going with distracting dinos with a max lvl 15 ^^


@Hersh yeah… i have noticed lately u’ve been using low leveled dinos for strike towers. Does it affects the epic dinos u’ll get from that strike if you use op dinos than low leveled???


Rexy hello, rexy bye.

And I got 37x Conca + 25 Brachio :rofl::rofl::rofl: Classic!!


Hey @Kopas_25
Haha, nah. I don’t think your team makes a difference in what you get from the incubator… I tend to get koola/concave no matter who I use :sweat_smile:

I’ve just been trying to mix things up with the towers to keep things exciting … and maybe help out people who don’t have super strong teams


Did it with lvl 18 Dilorano and lvl 17 Utasino. Got 150 Ourano DNA and 150+ Raja DNA. Sadly, I haven‘t had enough luck with fusing and couldn‘t unlock Rajakylo (180/200). Seems like I gotta wait another few weeks for her…


I lead with a level 21 Erlidom. I went first and cloaked, Rex missed, I crit the rampage and Rex died without doing any damage.

Easiest and quickest Epic Strike I have ever done :sunglasses:

Oh yeah, I got 243 completly useless Concave and 154 semi-useful Raja from this.


@Hersh for sure when Koola has a hybrid. U r the first player to be excited leveling him up!! Hahahaha

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How’d your prizes with this tower turn out ?


Did it with Rinex, took 1 800hp shot after distract then stunned him. Impact and run criticalled and it was over


Didn’t get yet… hopefully better dinos but I won’t expect. The fact mostly got Conca and Koola… u know ur virus is too contagious :rofl: peace bro!!!

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I benched my monomimus at level 21, have a decent stash of monoloph saved up but I didn’t mind getting it from this tower one bit either. It seems like one of those legendaries that may get a unique down the road (I hope so at least :crossed_fingers:t4:)


Yes it would be great then… regardless that being nerfed… did u work for green or golden chicken at all @Hersh??


i agree very boring… the last 3 strokes ive won without losing a dino…


in fact the whole game got boring once they nerfed trex spawns…



Maybe they knew… Tryko will be a beast!!!


Even with the ourano event last week, I don’t see enough of it to get red chicken past 18 :sweat_smile:
Haha So I’ve happily been giving away all my Diloph-1 and Deinoch :open_hands:t4: I live in L1 so I have plenty of those, it’s just the epic that’s holding me back

But Erlidom is going to be my next project after Tryko gets leveled up a bit :t_rex:

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Did it with lvl 19 Utahsino and lvl 24 Indoraptor. Utahsino took more than half of Trex life with 2 hits as stun failed. Indo just finished it with DSR after Evasive (used it cause of delay on DSR).
Got some Stygi that I actually need to finish Toura and Concave of course. It seems today Concave went loose. :grin::rofl:


Here’s my attempt with lvl 15 dinos max and no bleeders (yeah there is spino but I didn’t use his bleeding skill, i used it juste for a little reminder of JP3).
Enjoy ^^



Did it with
Diplodocus (lvl 11), directly swap in dimorphodon (lvl 2).
T rex strike, dimorphodon dies.
Suchotator (lvl 6), lethal wound
T rex strike, suchotator dies.
Diplodocus again and directly swap in dracorex G2 (lvl 4)
T rex dies

So an easy win evenvfor me