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[gameplay] Epic Tower 3/3: Holiday “Cuteness”?



Went the traditional route with this one… no bleeders :syringe: :sweat_smile:

Most middle-level teams should be just fine:

Match 6: Blue, Charlie, Delta
(Tanks, slowers, shielders)

Match 7: Dracorex-1, Paramoch, Tourmaloch
(Tanks, immune, shielders)
*a lot of swapping in/out and hit & runs in this match, definitely don’t use bleeders here

[Keep an eye out for a much more detailed guide from the good folks at MetaHub today too!]


Thanks for posting :blush: tourma is a bit of a pita lol!

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Nice. Sino dna


Here it is. I worked on this for like 3 hours to find something just to put music in my videos.


Time 100% well spent! I love the background music, who/what is it?


by: LAKEY INSPIRED - song: 5 Min Call
I’ll make sure to use KineMaster from now on.

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Sounds great! something you could just have playing in the background at home

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I lost on the final battle. I’ve still got one more shot. Any recommendations with this team? Should I change things up?


Throw ALL the steg hybrids in there and start with thago/decel; with a cloak/rampage from I-rex as a Hail Mary ?


Ah, at first I was going with immune creatures. Could easily swap some things around and hope for the best.


I won the last one just using Stegod 21 and Indominus 20

Had 2 other immune dinos with me that I didn’t need (Anky and Mimus)


I know not everyone has a 27 stegod, but had to share that he survived the last match alone with around 100 hps left. I think I may have gotten very lucky although didn’t get lucky enough for sino dna.


I used Sucho(lv20) , Alanky (lv17), i-rex (lv20) and Stegod (lv20)
Started with Sucho with Para, instant swap to Alanky to answer Para’s instant swap to Draco
Alanky blocked the swap-in hit by Draco
Draco with a hit, Alanky answered with shielding impact
Draco with instant Charge, stunned Alanky
Draco swap in hit with Para, Alanky still alive
Alanky swap with I-Rex, hit by Para
I-rex with Cloak, missed Para Stun
Para instant stun missed, got killed with one hit
Draco came in with hit, but killed by I-Rex
Toura came in, I-Rex swap with Alanky
Alanky blocked the stun but got stunned, got hit and killed by Toura
Sucho came in, hit by Toura, answered with bleed
Sucho with instant distraction, swap with Stegod
Toura hit Stegod and died.

I got a few Blue, Sinocera and Para DNA plus sweet coins.


You read my mind! :open_mouth::brain:
I play this and other LAkEY INSPIRED songs on my speaker lol
I’m guessing the song that you use. Cielo - Huma Huma?

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sweet sweet coins. They are like lolipops they are so sweet! :joy:
But yes, I got extremely lucky w/sino dna at the end. I have a video up around 12 posts from this one!


@ ItsPeekapoo44 yes, its very entertaining, thank you for sharing. I always forget to hit the screen record when I’m about to do the match. Probably in anticipation of the upcoming match. haha!


Start with stegodeus ( superior strike then rampage) followed by thegomizer and rampage again. In my case stego alone defeated first two Dino. For the unique one I used i-rex with move cloak followed by 2x move. I defeated him. Put trago and immune for back up


A level 20 Stegod won’t kill Para in two moves. So after killing Draco and Para comes back, I think it’s best to use shield and endure the stuns (and keep chosing Rampage, if a stun fails, you do heavy damage). Then, after the two stun moves, use Thagomizer, cause AI will Impact and Run for Tuora. You’ll hit Tuora and will be faster, so use Rampage. After that Tuora will probably kill Stegod, but it’s now weak and slow (if Stego is still alive, use SS to keep Tuora slow). Then any heavy-hitter dino should be able to finish both Tuora and Para. I suggest Indominus. Won’t even need Cloak. And keep a faster and a immune dino ready in case thing go south because of crtis.

That’s what I did :slightly_smiling_face: