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[gameplay] Epic Tower 3/3: Immunity


This one wasn’t really that bad at all… a couple speedsters and nullifiers and you should be good to go. Low leveled tanks may not be the best since quite a few of these are either armor piercing/defense shattering.


I found this rather easy considering how the Epic towers have been lately.

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@Hersh Oops, accidentally flagged this. (Trying to figure out how to remove the flag.) Thanks for sharing- it was a good video!


Hahaha no worries @Rainbowslide :sweat_smile:
(I may have swore a little when I saw all that secodonto at the end, but I left that part out of the vid :shushing_face:)

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It was pretty easy which is good so more people can beat it :slightly_smiling_face: posto has been mia for me so over 200 posti was appreciated.


AI crit hit after crit hit taking my dinosaurs out in one hit cost me my first attempt on the final battle.

2nd attempt at the final battle was won but barely. If the AI had gotten one more crit hit in the final battle I would have lost.


It went easy with my primary account but my second account almost lost the last battle. That dodging hit and run Road Runner was a pain there a few times.