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[gameplay] Epic Tower 3/3: Indoraptor


Things didn’t go exactly as planned :grimacing::disappointed_relieved:

(As always, feel free to share your recordings here too!)


He crit twice in a row against me :joy: including my green chicken :disappointed_relieved:

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Just completed and video on Facebook. He opened with cleanse so the bleed from suchotator and swap in from dimo was all it took lol


@Hersh those epic are very useful… Cool! :beers:

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Haha Dude, I had my game plan all set up. But crits from this beast are brutal!

Needless to say, I went to plan B real quick :man_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile:

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Well you won way more easily than I will…assuming I win at all!


I opened with a level 21 Erlidom that I just unlocked this morning.

I went first with rampage, Indo used cleanse and Crit. One hit my Erlidom.

Level 25 Spinota up next, Bleed, Indo Crits again with DSR, one hits my spinota.

Indo falls dead after killing Spinota, didn’t have to bring in a third dino.

260 something Erliki for reward :kissing_closed_eyes:


What team are you thinking of using @Linaleigh?

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Lv 22 monostego was enough for me. He opened with cleanse, i slowed then stunned then killed it.
It didn’t evasive. I noticed that pc rarely use priority moves.

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Who knows? Level 17 spinotasuchus for bleed, 17 pyrritator for damage reduction and speed, and then maybe 18 utasino for instant charge? There’s a 19 monostego I could include. I’ve beaten a lvl 30 indo before, but all the same…


Awesome! I’m about to go do it! Wish me luck! :grin:


Maybe start with monostego wirh slow then stun or nullifying depending on what indo is doing on turn 1

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Personally I will do it without bleeders for once. Going with monostegotops 18, velo 20, tany 18 and monomimus 16.

Start with monostego with slow then stun or nullifying.
Then velo or tany.
If indo didn’t use evasive, go with monomimus for the win.


Open with monostegotops(16) nullifying impact so you survive even if it crits on cleansing impact. You swap in to dracorex gen2(10), draco dies. Bring in monomimus(16) use nullifying impact, monomimus dies. Finally bring in tanycolagreus(12) to clean up with nullifying impact. Those are minimum levels. You could also have lower tany and then higher draco.


Using dracorex is really smart :slight_smile: didn’t think about it. I will try my strategy first, it should work whatever the skill indo uses.


Indo cleansed my lvl 17 spinotasuchus critical bleed and then one shotted me. Lvl 17 Pyrittator decreased indo’s damage and managed to do armor piercing rampage too. Then I brought in Lvl 19 velociraptor which pounced for the kill. (Mind you, that was on my second attempt, when I rembered velo could do damage decrease and move first, whoops.)

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Needs to be suchotator to be slower than the cleanse


@dzojstik great tactics, it worked for me.
I had a couple of other plans that I would like to have tried but they might have failed to evasive stance at the wrong time although my Indo never used it.