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[Gameplay] erli and gallimimus


So here my attempt, didnt plan a lot for this one so if erli would have crit it would go a bit different ^^’

The team:
Monostego 20
Raptor 20
Draco gen 2 18
Stegodeus 20 as backup

If you need help to plan it, don’t hesitate to ask I’m sure we can work something pretty “easily”


Looks like the Epic incubator is still random. But not a Flee container.


Not a theamed incubator boss strikes never are only the ones stating they are like sundays

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No vid, but I opened with level 27 Stegod.

1: I thagged, he rampaged
2: My rampage would leave him with 7 health (ha) so I used shield, Erlik did speed up strike
3: Still faster, so rampage, dropped Erlik with about 40% health left
4: Galli used evasive, I used SS and hit through
5: Dracocera’d Galli.
6: Useless crap epic DNA. Unless Spiny 2 ever gets a hybrid.


Did it easily with Proceratomimius lvl 15, Stegodeus lvl 24 and Dracocera lvl 16. Monostego lvl 23 stayed on bench.


opened with the zombie chicken and got roasted immediately by erlik. brought in monostego and he pretty much owned them both. just before mono got taken out i swapped in tryko for the final counter attack.

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Used dilorach ss>rampage and run into erldiom. dead erlik. Then speedup>rampage. Dead galli

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Love the Mattel Jurassic World song in the background.

What I used:
Lvl 21 Blue
Pounce into Shielding strike. Survived with 10 hp.

Swapped in lvl 17 Dracoce-RAT-OP-s for the kill.
Used Rampage (dodged) and died by Impact and Run

Lvl 22 Terror Turkey (Erlidominus)
Speedup strike (dodged) into Rampage 1 Hit Ko

Lvl 21 Proceratomimus stayed on the bench.

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Monostegotops(21) with some help from Dracoceratops(21) did it easily. No losses for my team.

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17 - Dracoceratops
19 - Delta
20 - Dienochierus
20 - Velociraptor

I didn’t plan very well but got lucky basically winning because of 4 HP.

Led with Delta and Pounced leaving the Erik with a good chunk of health. Delta got rampaged and quite fortunately had 4 HP left. So I hit and Ran knocking Erlik down to about 600 health. My Raptor came in and of course was one hit out of the park before she could even sharpen her claws (that was part of my poor planning). So I brought Delta back in with her 4HP but immediately swapped in Dracoceratops to finish of Erlik. Gallo came in and first move used evade and I chose Speedup Strike hoping I would get first move on the next turn if I survived but forgot that Gallimimus is immune (more poor planning). I didn’t die but on the next round Galli Hit and Ran killing Draco but there was no place for Galli to run so she had to remain on the field. In comes my faster Deinocheirus with a Rampage attack to take the Gallimimus out. So much luck for such poor playing. Any crit at the wrong time and this would have been lost.

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Thanks! :+1:

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What should I bring to this party?


This looked a lot harder then it really was, in the end I beat it without using ‘skoolasaurus’ like the tip said. Oh and btw ludia, why would you tell us to use something that clearly isn’t in the game yet?! Anyways, here’s my strategy. I managed to beat it with only 2 dino thanks to a bit of rng (not much required).
Velociraptor Level 20
Allosinosaurus Level 20 (Which most of you probably have by now considering how obtainable its been the past few weeks.)
Dracoceratops (As backup if rng doesn’t like u)
This last dino really shouldn’t matter, but bring something fast or tanky.

Start with raptor, pounce on erliko, does big damage but dies.
Send in allosino, takes 1 hit from erliko, and then any impact move should finish the erlik off as long as ur high enough level.
Galli comes in, does a hit, you need to hope that ur impact lands through evasive. If it did, simply instant charge and the galli dies.
If you didn’t land that hit through the cloak that first time, no worries. Get that instant charge damage, but then ur allo will prob die. (At this point galli should have around 900-1000 health) Use ur other random dino, then switch to dracocera or dracorex gen 2 for the kill.

Good luck everyone, hope you don’t get seco from the inc.


Raptor, Allosino, Dracocera, Stegodeus. This works perfectly with my strategy, read above/below or wherever it is.
In case u cant fine it, here’s a quick summary.
Send velo to do damage, it will die however. Allosino comes in and kills erliko with any impact. Allosino against galli, if ur lucky u can land an impact through evasive, if not, use instant charge second turn for guaranteed damage. Allo dies if u didnt get the impact through, but send stego, instantly switching to dracocera for the kill.


My level 21 monostego, slowed, stunned with a crit, and killed Erliko, then one-shotted galli with another crit. I adore her. And I got some bonus DNA.


That galli kept dodging!
I started with monostego and quickly took down erliko with a crit.
I then died from galli and killed galli with trago.
Didnt get anything special except some pteranodon DNA.


Cause of the crits

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27 thor got destroyed by a crit, but had 28 stegod to save the day and took erliko and managed to sneak by galli’s evade.

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in the description it says “Skoolasaurus”. - yeah if only we had scolosaurus… :joy::joy: