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Gameplay - Fierce Creatures Strike Event


Here it is!

  • if video looks low quality, switch it to 720p, should help.
    -got lucky with the crit on step 2
    -sorry about me taking an eternity to pick what dinosaurs to use on step 3.
    -did a mass fuse to level my gorgosuchus from 15 to 18.
3 Step Epic Fierce Creatures Strike Event

nothing fancy… only the 3rd step with rewards. i didnt even care about losing any dinos. here ya go.


Sorry for the delay today @bates5919
I was out this morning and YT doesn’t like it when I try uploading over cell data apparently :grimacing:


Congrats on beating it you guys :clap: I got critted on step 2 and lost :frowning:


For step two you should have start with sucho ( at least lvl 14) bleed, distract, nullyfing attack. It will kill Allo. When seco comes you can hit one time. Choose high speed/ high hp Dino I guess it will kill seco with some hp left. Later use raptor or distracting/stunning Dino for Rex G2

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Did the three steps with Spinota L19, Utasino L19, backup Sucho L21 and Pyri L17. Mostly the first two did it with crits.


gj. that 15 trex though :man_facepalming:


Late post but, the queen hardly fails to disappoint :heart_eyes: Little miss wrecking machine put on repeat.


What recorder do you use?

My attempt, my first part glitched out.


I use the record it app to record my game plays, and the software final cut pro, to edit my videos :smile:


Thank you! <3

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Wasn’t to tough. Got much needed Trex DNA.

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now that’s a whooping. ty for that video and awesome music

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Thank you Pat! I’m glad you enjoyed the vid :smile:


Wow well done Caleb!!!


The queen just wrecks! :boom:


@Dilopho4us thank you :heart:

@Hersh I approve this message :smile: