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[Gameplay] Fight or flight epic strike tower

Todays strike isn’t too tough. Best to start with immune dinos.
DNA wasn’t anything special. Finally unlocked Maiasaura.


Thanks for sharing

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Nice! Anyone have strategies for mid-lvl dinos? Would it be better to open with Tryo and perhaps use R2C since we know the switch is coming? Mine is only a LVL 18, which is why I ask. I could use Procera and Indom, but they are pretty RNG dependent.

RTC should be ok. Then you use Ferocious on Delta.
No need to go with all immune dinos, just have hard hitters that can survive a hit.

On second step Stygi starts with Shielding Strike, then swaps.

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Thanks @Dinotris

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Gotta love texts lol - Also got my first pachy yay!


Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Nicely done @anon32111043! Had considered tossing in my lvl20 Tarbo.

Liked the mom message too :wink:

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“how much snow did I get so far?” lol
“Around 3 1/2 inches to be honest.”

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Update: power surged for about a tenth of a second twice here at my dad’s house just now. lol

I just played all three rounds in one sitting. I had success with my level 20 t-rex (1st in all battles), level 18 allosinosaurus (better luck in 1st and 2nd battles), level 17 trystronix (did some work in the 3rd battle but I switched her out), and I used my level 21 indoraptor for the final battle against Delta (use that evasive stance!!!).

I like that I completed the tower and after the coins the first thing I get is 6 DNA for Stygimoloch GEN 2