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As Indominus is faster, should hit before Carno uses short defense. So should be ok.

Phooey… my Uta died sooner than expected, so my Sucho didn’t go the distance.
I needed to use the cloak on Purutaurus, and my Indom got slashed right through the cloak.
I killed PT, but the double chomp from Carnotaurus was too much for the I-Rex to tank and I never got a chance to swap in DC.


This girl was my MVP.

The beginning was extremely messy. I really underestimated that gator. By the time Diorajasaur came in, I was behind 1-2. Diorajasaur did a nice job against Purutaurus. Then came Carnotaurus. Diorajasaur couldn’t take another hit after using invincibility so I swapped to Allosinosaurus. She took the hit. Then she survived a crit and counter attack from Carnotaurus, which brought Allosinosaurus health to 44. Her stun move not only landed, but she also got a crit. Then was able to close it with another crit. Lol
I honestly didn’t think I would pass this one, but by some miracle I did it!

Edit: I forgot to put a point for myself for eventually taking down the gator. I thought that looked odd. LOL. :yum: I also forgot to mention that I used Diorajasaur’s invisibility before swapping out to Allosinosaurus.


My post is back. :grinning:

Glad you made it. Hope the DNA was nice for you.

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Sorry to hear that. This one was pretty tough so no shame to fail it … you will crush those towers easily later I assure you

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I got Monolophosaurus DNA. That was badly needed. :grinning:

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Oh that’s great, need that too to lvl monomimus…

No harm… I didn’t feel a thing! (grin)
Maybe I’ll get the next one.

Thanks again for your help!


[Epic Strike] - 06/09/19
Un-Boosted Team.


It’s interesting that it opens with Pachy. I would have never guessed that one as the opener. The AI always surprises me. lol :yum:


No epic strike around me. I’m going with tryostronix lvl 21, purutaurus lvl 19 and dimorphodon lvl 10. Just draco gen 2 or dracoceratop for back up

Just be careful, the AI doesn’t always start the same for everyone.

It usually does, but every once in awhile it decides to switch up the starting order on the first attempt. :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up. :+1::grinning:

Looked pretty easy, so I brought my Utasino, Indom Rex, Purutaurus, and DC.
I got first shot, so I Distracted and then stunned the Pachy. (so far, so good!)
At that point the Pachycephalus one-shot my Utasino.
The AI swapped in while I chose my Indom.
The T-Rex bit right through the cloak and one-shot my Indom.
…after that, it was all over except for the shocked look on my face.

This strike tower was thankfully not as stressful as the last one.
The AI order was: Pachy, Rexy G2, and Parasaurolophus.
My team was Monostegotops level 20 (boosted - attack), Dimodactylus level 15 (no boosts), Suchotator level 21 (boosted - hp and attack), and Trykosaurus level 21 (not boosted).
I went with Monostegotops as my opener because she has armor, she’s slower than Pachy (I’ll explain why this is important later), and she has a stunning move. Monostegotops did not let me down. :grinning::heart:
I was expecting Pachy to use her slowing move and to counter this I was going to go with my own slowing move with Monostegotops. This way, Monostegotops steals the speed advantage from Pachy. Well the AI surprised me by going with the shielding move instead. Lol :sweat_smile:
After Monostegotops got the speed advantage, I went with her stunning move which landed. Then I was able to finish of Pachy with nullify.
Rexy G2 came in and swapped out to Dimodactylus for the swap in bleed move. Rexy took out Dimodactylus. Brought in Suchotator and went with Instant Distraction (in case Rexy got a crit on rampage). Rexy went with rampage and got a crit! WHEW! On the second move I went with bleed and survived the next hit. After Rexy went down, Parasaurolophus comes in and swapped to my Monostegotops and tried to do as much damage as I could before she went down. Then Trykosaurus comes in and finishes. :grinning::tada:
I’m glad this strike tower went kind of fast because it was really hot outside. :sweat::fire::fire::fire:

When my team was much lower level, I would always motivate myself by saying, “Wait until next time!” Lol :grinning:

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Super late. I worked late. Godzilla 3-0 lol.


You can ask us advice for the strike tower before doing it by posting your highest lvl dinos that way we can plan something for you :wink: easiest way to kill rex without risking the crit is to bleed him for me with some swap in bleed like dimorphodon. Then you distract him and kill him with purutaurus.

So it seems Pachy goes for shielding strike if you’re slower.