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Todays Trex strike. After Trex showed up first, needed to improvize. Got some nice DNA.


My Trex strike battle:

My Team:

[Pls note all but Spinotahsuchus is boosted, to tiers 3-4]

Level 20 Allosinosaurus [Rusty]
Level 18 Dracoceratops [DracoRat]
Level 17 Spinotahsuchus [Laura]
Level 21 Erlidomimus [Bonnie]

Rusty Starts, A.I sends in Trike.

Rusty uses DSI [crit] Trike Strikes

Rusty uses API Kills Trike.

Trex comes in.

Rusty uses IC [Crit] Trex stunned

Rusty uses DSI [Crits] Kills Trex

Dilo comes in.

Dilo uses Distraction Impact [Crits] Rusty API

Dilo Nullifying Impact [Crits] Kills Rusty.

Bonnie comes in Rampages, Dilo dead.


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Whew! I am so glad this strike tower is over and done with. :grimacing:

The AI order was: Triceratops, Rexy, and Dilophosaurus.

My team: Spinotasuchus 22 (boosted - hp), Stegodeus 20 (boosted - attack and speed), Dimodactylus 15 (not boosted), and Trykosaurus 21 (not boosted).

To be frank, the only reason why I gave some boosts to Stegodeus is because I have a real soft spot for her. I think she was my second legendary behind Indominus Rex and remember being so excited about getting her. I miss playing with her. :heart:

Spinotasuchus did lethal and swoop against Triceratops.
Stegodeus came in to take the hit, Triceratops went down.
Rexy came in next. Swapped to Dimodactylus.
Spinotasuchus came back in to do lethal again. She went down, but so did Rexy.
Stegodeus came back in and did rampage against Dilophosaurus. After surviving the hit, swapped to Trykosaurus. Did distract, rampage and distract again. I got pretty lucky that the AI’s creatures didn’t crit.
My favorite thing to point out is that I got Dilophosaurus down to 607 hp and Trykosaurus did 627 with her counter attack. It was close.

Strangely enough, the AI order for me was different… it sent T-Rex first.

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That Smilodon scared me! God…

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[Rare Strike] - 06/01/19

Gonna be switching the music up a bit to have more then rock/metal/dub. Not sure how this is gonna go over lol, but…


That Iguanodon tho…

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Any ideas for Sunday’s strike tower? :grinning:

It’s like the last step of rare tower but with higher lvl.

Brachio 24
Trex 25
Raptor 26

Here’s my try with no boosted dino and no unique ^^ I think it can work with lower lvl dino but need to run the math to know.


Purrutaurus 19
Dimorphodon 10
Dracorex gen 2 19
Suchotator 22 (bench)



What do you think is the ideal level for Purutaurus? Mine is only a level 17. :pensive:That darn gator has been really tricky to find. Lol

[Epic Strike] - 06/02/19


17 should be good, theres some people on YouTube that did it with lvl 11 purrutaurus, lvl 15 suchotator and lvl 15 alanqa :sweat_smile:

Thanks for telling me how to play in widescreen like that Gorilla. It worked, but I forgot to press record lol.

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Added points for the music. Lol
The music seem to match perfectly when the Brachiosaurus first came out too.:sauropod:


Hooray! I would love to finally use Purutaurus in a strike tower.
My Suchotator is a level 21. I love her too. :heart:
I’m trying to come up with a plan for fun and style points to finish it. Lol


Well…I thought I had an okay plan, but Velociraptor threw a battle axe into it by coming in second. :persevere:
*If anyone can create a meme or a drawing of this, I would greatly appreciate it. All I can think of is a dancing Velociraptor doing a Dennis Nedry. Lol :sweat_smile:
My second attempt went much better. Dimodactylus surprised me by surviving a non crit Rampage from Brachiosaurus!

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Lol ya music was perfect. Cool how when rex chomped in slow mo and killed the iguana that music stopped to. was lol. :joy:

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I thought the same thing! It made for a nice dramatic effect. Lol :rofl:
I love it! :heart::t_rex:

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Np :slight_smile:.

Its fun for fighting, but beware normal gameplay like darting, it’s a lot harder in landscape view. :wink:

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