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Yeah I even tried darting something like that and it was pretty bad lol.

I did a test recording in the arena I don’t include the names… I got a great rng moment xd (you will know exactly where lol) I would of won anyway without it but it was one of those priceless moments. This was a good battle though. One of the longest battles I had in awhile, and actually fair leveled.

But that was lucky to get a fair match. Because again today I battled a bunch of lvl26 with boosts teams…


I never thought about that when watching people’s videos, how do people get it to be in landscape view ingame?

Awesome @Sixty-Four!

Ok, now we are expecting plenty of juicy gameplay vids from ya, dont let us down! Muhahahaaaa :wink:

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Here ya go bud, I’m afraid it only works for android atm.

I fortunately have an Android so thanks for the vid!


I had this happen to me too! I had my Indoraptor on his evasive mode and my opponent brought in their Dracorex G2 to take me out. Instead of going down, Indoraptor dodged the attack and took their Dracorex out. :blush:

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I was going to post the boost strike, but nothing is going right today. Failed it twice and had to pay for a third time.

Half the reason is my head is just not in the game anymore and have lost a ton of interest lately.

The other half is the ungodly crit % these dinos get buffed to, once entering a strike tower.

All three of these birds easily had a 50 - 70% crit chance on me today, despite what their normal stats say. :thinking:

Ended up just using my boosted arena team out of rage and rolling it, so all the effort this morning was wasted all together. :neutral_face:

Strange enough the exact thing happened to me. Tried to get creative, got critted everytime. Put boosted dinos in and steam rolled them.

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Anyone feel like offering a tutorial on the Purutaurus Strike with lower level dinos?
I doubt I have a chance of winning the strike, but with your help I might get lucky.

I try to figure something out but I will use some legendaries dinos sadly …

I have some legendary dinos now.
Utasino, DC, Indominus Rex and Tragodistis

First came the Croc, then Puru and then the Carno.
Croc used Ferocious, Puru used the Long shield and Carno, I am not sure as my Thor stunned her and rampaged with Crit.

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Video is coming but with lvl 20-21 dino’s… still no boost.

I’m not sure how to begin planning this one. :persevere:

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I have level 20-21 dinosaurs! Lol :yum:

Here you go. Hope it can help some of you. We can try to figure something for you but this one is particularly hard without unique or high lvl dinos … or I didnt think enough about it.


Gorgosuchus 21
Darwezopterix 20
Diloranosaurus 20
Dracoceratop 20



[Epic Strike] - 06/07/19

Small child - “Look mommy, it’s an un-boosted Thor!”
Mother - “hugh? what?”
Small child - “But I thought you said that they don’t exist?”
Mother - "They aren’t supossed to, what madness is this!!1!"


I have an un-boosted Thor! :grinning:
It’s only level 21 though. :pensive:

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Can you show us your dinos? I planned mine just in case carno comes after purussaurus…

Here is my attempt with lvl 18-21 dinos, all unboosted.

Stygidarix 21,
Alankylo 18,
Dracocera 21,
Suchotator 21