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[Gameplay] Gameplay Videos

The details on the library are incredible. I love seeing the moon through the skylight. :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats on your arena battle win.

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Finally another completely unboosted battle, both teams :slight_smile:

I’m really liking arena these past few days. Made a bunch of videos on my yt.

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No videos for the epic strike yet? Doesn’t surprise me though, it’s pretty easy since they swap all the time.

Check out the thread titled “Alanqa’s epic strike event”.


Dont have one in reach personally so … and the towers reset at 7pm for me now so impossible to go out and have to wait the next morning.
There’s videos on another topic and on youtube ^^

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Heres my try a bit late and not really interesting cause it was pretty simple. only lost carnotarkus…


Very impressive!

I made it with indoraptor, magna and Thor. I expected this strike to be easy, but I lost 2 dinos because the indoraptor’s evasive stance did not work at all (RNG was against me) and indoraptor was shot very quickly.


Here’s today epic strike tower, should be easier for everyone cause it’s a lower lvl one ^^ it’s the same tower as last time so you will face elasmo, concavenator and pyroraptor.



It’s kind of funny to see Dimodactylus breathing on the ground with the word success written right above it. This happen to me once in a tournament battle. :sweat_smile:

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Used Suchotator lvl 22, Alankylo and Darwezopteryx lvl 20. Erliko g2 stayed on bench.


I’ve been posting vids now.
No blood.
No sound. I hate the fight sounds.

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Did Brontolasmus epic strike with

Stygidarix lvl 21
Spinonyx lvl 20
Thylacotator lvl 20
Marsupial lvl 18 (stayed on bench).


And again no video until tomorrow for me… those new supply drops distribution is really bad for me so no epic strike in range sadly…

I did the strike tower. Game play post coming soon.

The AI order for me was Brontotherium, Brontolasmus, and Elasmotherium.

One video I watched this morning the AI opened with Brontolamus (decelerating rampage, definite rampage).

This was the team I used. No boosts.


The AI opened with Brontotherium and I opened with my beloved Suchotator. Brontotherium went with defensive stance and Suchotator with lethal wound. On turn 2 swap to Dimodactylus for the swap in wound. She went down on definite rampage. Brontotherium also goes down due to the double bleed.

In comes Suchotator again against Brontolamus. Once again open with lethal wound and Brontolamus goes for decelerating rampage. Next move for Suchotator was instant distraction and Brontolamus does long defense strike.

Swap in Thylacotator for the swap in distraction. She unfortunately takes a decelerating rampage. Brontolasmus goes down, but is now slower than Elasmotherium. :disappointed_relieved:

Thankfully she survives the rending attack from Elasmotherium to do a lethal wound. Thylacotator goes down on definite rampage.

In comes Purutaurus. For some odd reason, I went with instant distraction even though Purutaurus is faster than Elasmotherium. Lol :rofl::woman_facepalming: I knew I should have had a stronger cup of coffee this morning. :coffee:

Purutaurus survives the rending move and Elasmotherium goes down on counter attack. :grinning:

I got a bit worried at first when I opened the epic incubator because the first thing I got was some more Squirmy DNA (Diplocaulus). Uhhhggg…I live in zone 3! Lol :tired_face:

The incubator did however get better. I got Purussaurus (rare), Gryposuchus, and Erlikosaurus. :tada:


Here is my video for the Brontolasmus strike event.

I used magna and Thor. I did not use Indoraptor and Dracoceratops.
No subtlety here. Just distracting, nullifying and defense shattering attacks.

I play unboosted. Thor was slower than Brontolasmus in the last turns. I used instant charge to win.

Edit: This the first time I take a video of a battle and I apologize for the bad sound (no game sound, plane and train sounds). Really sorry


Great planning! Didn’t lose a single one.


Unboosted Lvl21 Magna and lvl22 Thor chomped through this tower.


This is what I used, no boosts, and won. :trophy:
It didn’t go perfectly as planned but still pulled off a win.