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Here are the creatures I have around 20. The “My team” might look a bit odd because I have my friendly battle team mixed in with the team I was thinking about bring in to the strike tower. I’m wondering if Allosinosaurus might be a better closer than Utahsinoraptor because of the health? I’m thinking about opening with Suchotator because I think she can survive a lockdown crit from the gator.

I have around 60,000 coins. I was going to save it to level up Gryposuchus, but if you think leveling up a creature will help, Grypo will have to wait. Lol

Oops. I forgot one!

I used a level 18 Suchotator with tier 5 health and it survived Ferocious Impact from the Croc.

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Do you think I have a chance? :thinking:

That’s good to know. My Suchotator’s health is around 3700 (with a very slight health boost). Do you think she could survive a ferocious crit at that level?

Mine was 3959 and it survived with a little under half health, I mostly used it to bleed the Croc out, so I didn’t care if he died but I probably wouldn’t risk it with yours because a critical is all it takes to take it out.

A ferocious crit will kill her. But you can bleed croc and nullify impact so both of you dies.

It looks like Suchotator has cemented her place in as my opener. :blush:

Sucho as opener , then dioraj can be great. Need to do the math though

At level 21 with no boosts? :grinning:

Yep , ID, Instqnt invincibility, ID again and his counter breaks shields

Do you think that she would be a better choice over Trykosaurus?

Croc starts with ferocious impact that do 3119 damage without crit.
If you open with Suchotator and survive first hit, can swap in Alankylo. Then you could Rampage Puru. Then you bring Spinota, Lethal, should survive counter and shield. Then strike should be enough. Then Critical Impact on carno and Allosino to finish.

EDIT: Dioraja would be safer with counter and ID, II then ferocious and ID.


For me yes, ID, ferocious , ID , instant invincibility, purutaurus should be dead. If purutaurus uses shield first change the order a bit to ID, instant invincibility, Ferocious, ID

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I didn’t even think of the counter attack with shield breaking abilities. Thank you for pointing that out.

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Thank you for the suggestion!


But tryko can dsr too and have more chance to crit, I think I just prefer dioraj

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You can also close with Dio instead of Allosino. Cleansing will take out Spinota. Tricky part is start, where Sucho needs to survive.


I got the 2 rares first then the epic came out last.

Level 20 tryostronix spanked purty and sent it to bed without dinner.