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I used Alloraptor and Tarkus. I got nothing of note other than Gryposuchus. I can finally get that last 10 on Grypolyth now.
The irony is, I’ve been grinding for it all this time, and just as I get close to 200, an incubator dumps 143 Grypo on me.


Heres today epic strike. Didnt plan anything cause indo gen 2 is a pain to counter so I just went with my boosted ardentis lvl 25 (4-4-0) and phorusaura lvl 21.

Order was indo , indo gen 2 and raptor.



Ooof. What’s the 4th dino in the strike if there is any.

There was only 3 for me 3 raptors

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Ok. That makes that slightly more manageable.
Idk what to use to deal with indo g2. I may be unable to do this one as I only have lv 21-22 dinos. Andy tips anybody? I can boost some stuff, but I’d rather not if I dont have to.

It was a battle but beat it on first try!


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I used procera first then Orion then indog2

Man, this one’s tough. Sure would be nice to have Gemini right about now.

Maxima and Quetzorion both make sense to use here. DC could come in handy too. Phorusaura could probably use an SS into R&R into a Swap-in Savagery too.

whelp. i messed up. it started with raptor and i started with gemini. and the indoraptor rampaged through evasive on procerath. tho i was close.
i’ll pay the 200 HC to try again. Maybe i should boost some stuff for this.

Okay, beat it phew!
Just realised I ended up using @Pepito_Aie’s team lol.

Anyway, I used a level 20 Phorusaura, 20 Dracoceratops, 22 Ardentismaxima and 22 Quetzorion, in that order.
All unboosted of course.

The order was V, I, IG2.

I opened with Phora, since it can do well against all 3.
Instant Rampage took out Velo.
Then SS+R&R into DC took out Indo.
All that was left was sighs Indo G2. So I regenerated, then swapped back to Phora, since I’d rather have the rat in the wings than Phora.
Phora was one-shotted by a DSR.
Next I brought in Maxima. Decel Impact did some damage, then I swapped in the rat (Maxima could tank another CS, so I decided to have the AI waste a DSR on the rat).
Got a lucky crit on Swap-in Savagery, but it wasn’t needed.
Next I realised I couldn’t bring Maxima back in because Indo G2 was still Decelerated, and it would just Cleanse and end up faster, so I brought in Quetzorion and went for Long Invincibility to tank the CS.
Then Sidestep as Indo G2 used DSR, and since it had only sped up once, Quetzorion was faster.
Nullifying Rampage for the win.


lost again. Guess i’m done. nothing wants to go in my favor today. :sweat_smile:
maybe one more time later when i can plan stuff out again. I’ll more than likely have to boost for this one.

I used @Pepito_Aie strategy. It didn’t go exactly as planned though. I used a level 18 Phorusaura, because it can do enough damage to one shot Velo at that level, a level 19 Draco, level 24 Ardentis, and a level 24 Stegod. All unboosted. I was hoping Velo would come out first so I could one shot it with Phorus, but Indo came out first. So I used IR, it used Cleansing Impact with a crit, Phorus survived with just 50 health, used RR into Draco and finished Indo off. Next came Indo Gen 2, used Regeneration, Indo used CS with a crit that almost finished Draco. Swapped to Stegod expecting a DSR, but got a CS instead. Stegod ate the DSR, used SS to slow Indo G2, then used Ramapage to do some damage then Stegod went down. Brought in Ardentis, Indo used DSR, Ardentis had enough health to survive of course. Used Decel Impact, then went for DSR, but Indo swapped out to Velo, who immediately died from the DSR, lucky me. Indo came back in, used CS, I used Decel Impact again, it survived with just 50 health, so I finished it with DSR. Got some pretty decent DNA. Phorus was definitely the life saver for this one.


I went with your game plan and it actually went really well. :grinning:

This was my team:

Phorusaura took care of Velociraptor (AI opener) easily.

Superiority Strike + Rampage and Run into Dracoceratops went really well against Indoraptor (I’m glad she survived the cleansing move).

When Indoraptor G2 came in, I did something different. I decided to go for rampage. Indoraptor G2 went for Cautious Strike and dodged. I decided to sacrifice her on Indoraptor G2’s defense shattering rampage. Ardentismaxima comes in. Went with decelerating impact and got a nice crit. Now Ardentismaxima is faster. Took Indoraptor G2 down with defense shattering rampage! :tada:

Quetzorion was not needed. :blush:


After some thinking I decided to use newly created Spinoconstrictor lvl 21, Phorusaura lvl 20 and DC lvl 25. Stegodeus lvl 24 stayed on bench.
Velo started, Indo second, swapped to Indo g2.


Ok. Third time was the charm
The Ai was doing some wonky stuff cause this was my third attempt
Gemini lv 21
DC 20
alorap 20 5-8-6
smilon 22 0-0-3

I’ve forgotten how it went for the most part as i was out hunting (trying to find some legendary dinos i actually wanted) But the AI was doing wonky stuff as i lost twice already. ( Ludia’s attempt at trying to let us win?) Indoraptor doing its basic strike where the CI would’ve killed my dino. Indo g2 using evasive stance then Mutual Furry before even attacking. The velo was 1shot so it couldn’t do anything.


It was nice to see the Spinoconstrictor in action! Thank you for sharing that. I wish I had one. I have a long way to go until I start fusing for it. Lol :snake:


Today was trickier to plan. Did it with:

Mammotherium lvl 19
Marsupial Lion lvl 22
Carbonemys lvl 20
Stegodeus lvl 24 (backup, stayed on bench).


Heres mine, was just hoping that utha came first or second.

Mammotherium 19
Phorusaura 21
Dracoceratops 22
Alankylosaurus 21



Did it with
22 smilon 0-0-3
22 indo g2 (got 1 shot due to swapping it in on a rampage)
21 gemini (not used)
20 allorap (i forget her boost allocations, but heavy boosted)

got myself irritator (wish it was at least 200, but this helps) and monolophosaur (i never see any)
image image


Used the same team as @Pepito_Aie, and the order was the same too!
Got some much-needed Rajasaurus, but both fuses on Dio were 10s.
That’s 9 tens now :sob:. Probably going to have to wait till the next Tuojiangosaurus event to unlock it.