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[gameplay + guide] Level 25+ Raptor Pack Tower


Good morning everyone, here’s my game play vid for today’s epic tower! :popcorn:

@MNBrian wrote an amazing guide for this one as well on MetaHub. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re debating your strategy or need some pointers!
Enjoy :slight_smile:


Nice I did it with lvl 20 Stegodeus, lvl 19 Monostego and lvl 16 Nodotitan.
Sadly bad epic DNA. 280 for useless Blue, only 64 for Pyroraptor which I need. Was enough for two Pyrri fuses got two 10s and stay at 180/200.
I‘m working on Pyrri since almost two months cuz of extinct Pyro and many many 10s. But this weekend, she‘ll be mine and then I‘ll have all legendaries (well until 1.6). :3

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Stegodeus level 22 took them all out

Thank God finally a strike tower that didn’t kick my ass. I lost a bunch recently and my confidence has been so low.


my stegodeus took them out and his rampage move inspired me to use some rumba music lol. ezpz


Stegod L21
Alanky L17
Nodopatotitan L16
Tragodistis L20

Made some wrong moves early in the game. Good DNA though.


forgot to record lol but did it on my lvl 8 account


Sucho 15, Stegod 16, Draco g2 12, stego 15 :relieved:


Stegodeus lvl 24 and lvl 20 Trago did it. Long invincibility works normally.
Damn Blue DNA.


Yeah i got like 307 blue and like 50 pyro…

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Same here.