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[gameplay] High HP Epic Tower


Sorry guys, went with higher levels b.c I have a busy day ahead. Anyway, enjoy! :popcorn:


Thanks @Hersh I wondered who was in there!

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I’ve used spinotasuchus (l20), Tryostronix (l21), postimetrodon (l21) and as lifesaver ankyntrosaurus (l20)… i think immunity is the keyword with those longnecks…

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I defeated the tower with help of my tryostronix 19, monostego 20, indomius 20 and alanky 19. Also got ourano :slight_smile:


@Anthony_Papadopoulos :yum:

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Seems everyome got ourano


I defeated the Golden Tower with almost only my beloved Monomimus (lvl26)…as a last act of love for that bird before it vanish into oblivion. Im going to miss you till they lift that evil spell they will cast at you next update.
Sorry for the outcry!
Take care

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Here is my last round of todays epic tower. Tryo did great, so Monostego just finished it.


Got brachio… I’m cursed , wasn’t that easy for me


I bet I won‘t get Ourano. Need it since weeks to evolve my Dilorano to get her up to lvl 20 but nope…so if everyone else is getting Ourano, I‘ll be the one that won‘ty :smiley:

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RNG, the master of trolling!
Crappy incubator.

Haven‘t seen Ourano since dat last week event with her so it‘s been some weeks.:rage::rage:
Desperately need here but didn’t see a wild one or at least got some DNA from incubators.

Oh man…every single epic inc this week contained crappy RNG for me. But atleast…I got many coins. And I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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No ourano here :neutral_face: megalo and thor did good though.


Looks like you darted every Dilophosaur in germany and now i can’t find any of them haha

At least i got all your ouranos :stuck_out_tongue:

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So much for balanced game! :smiley:
But I‘d rather have tons of Ourano and no Dilo DNA cuz u can get rare DNA from alliance but no epic. :confused:


@Pateradactyl, ha ha ha! :laughing: Lucky… I got Brachi this time around…

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I got Diplodocus :cry:


Same, all mine was Diplo… Would’ve loved Ourano