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[Gameplay] Hybrid Onslaught strike


Suchotator really helps here, so does Tryostronix.


I think the lethal wound crit on tenontorex helped me win actually


Would like to talk about their Dracoceratops managing to crit twice in a row during the first two battles, and yet my instant charge failed me on the final battle… Still managed to win with Utasino 19, Dracocera 18 and Indoraptor 21. I think Spinota was also in my line up, but never got used.

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I´ve tried it without legendaries and it worked well.


Wow - impressive!!

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Here’s the last battle. Easy one with lvl 26 Thor who completely forgot how to crit. :thinking: At least his stuns landed 100%. Happy with the rewards.


Haha, had the same issue. My Thor also forgot how to crit :smiley:


I did it with 1 loss, the last phase was kind of hard:
Utahsino comes in with “HI Ho Silver” as opponent
Distracting impact>Defense shattering impact
Instant charge=small stun
Critical impact=“HI Ho Silver” ded
Incomes Grypolith
Distracting impact<counter attack+Ferocious strike
Utahsino ded
Incomes “Alita”
Evasive stance on
Short defense=miss
DSR=Grypolith ded
Incomes Tyranolophosaurus
Cleansing impact>distracting strike
DSR<Defense shattering impact
“Alita” ded
Incomes “Remy”

And all thanks to these 3


Thanks for all the tips folks. Managed to get through it in one shot with all your help. :clap:

And yes, rewards were pretty good on this one.


You can sweep it with Apatosaurus.


This one was pretty easy you can approach it many ways monostego lvl 18 did the heavy lifting.