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[Gameplay] Immunity duo - Sunday epic strike tower


So here’s my attempt, have the freedom to add yours below :wink:

My team:
Allosino 20
Diloranosaurus 18
Raptor 20
Indoraptor 22





You went with the big gun there xD “risky” move to use erlidom first ^^’

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Haha I was questioning myself about leading with it earlier but decided to roll the dice. The only way it would’ve died is if AI led with Tryostronix and it landed a crit on ferocious impact.
10% chance of that happening first turn = let’s gamble :sweat_smile:

(@jvpeters, try to record yours too bro! I hope things work out for you :crossed_fingers:t4:)


@Pepito_Aie - nicely played and decent DNA
@Hersh - lucky boy with a lack of AI crits :smile: but that DNA - I feel your pain

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Haha I’m not even surprised anymore…
I’m just waiting for ludia to drop Concavodontosaurus in the next patch


Indoraptor 23 :
Cleaning impact, Furious Strike, carnage, hit and die
Spinotasuchus 19 finish Tryostonix and critical impact (no crit) on dimetrodon and have 800 Hp after dime’s hit
Switch for Dracoceratops 17 and i lost him next turn
Thor 21, impact, no crit impact and instant charge and win


Dilo- ss, Ramp and run into dracocera… Tryo dead
Draco- Rampage, dead
Toura- decel, impact and run… Game over

This 1 felt easy actually


Blue - shielding strike, pounce, out

Indoraptor - cloak, (successful dodge) dsr, (tryo down), cleansing strike, (successful dodge) dsr, out

Dracoceratops - swap in annihilation, victory


Very nice! Nice strategies everyone
Thanks 4 sharing


Nicely done @Pepito_Aie! Thanks for sharing.

@Hersh, that was awesome. I did not realize that Erlidominus was such a powerhouse!

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No problem I hope it can help some mid lvl player :wink:

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Did it easily. Indo crit made it more easy.

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For anyone that doesn’t have uniques, I beat it with:
Allosino Level 19 (17-18 works)
Utahsino 19 (Must be 19)
Tryostronix 19 (Would work with 18)
One other random dino that doesn’t matter

Start with Allosino, impact+instant charge to damage the Tryo
Allo dies
Utahsino crit impact, if crit, tryo dies, if not, utasino take a hit, survives as long as its level 20+
Utasino finishes Tryo off with slowing strike (Don’t use distracting impact or u wont do enough damage to dime)
Dime comes, Utasino uses an impact move, utasino dies.
Send out tryo, ferocious strike + defense shattering impact finishes off dime.
Congrats, hope u dont get seco or koola.


That’s great! Wish I was one more level up on my Utahsino! :frowning: Great strategy though, without the reliance on RNG.


If u havent yet, dart those utasino under event drops


Yeah I hate to depend on rng too ^^ that’s why I also try to not use cloak or evasive or hope for a crit .

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Really great strategy , only cons is if tryostro crit.


The only ones I am seeing here are Tryostronix and Allosinosaurus. Ended up using all my Sino to get Allo to 20 (of course it missed by 10 DNA - lol). Was hoping for a Thor upgrade. My Utah is only 40 DNA away from lvl 19.


Can you show us your dinos ? Maybe we can work something for you :slight_smile:

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