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[gameplay] Level 30 Gorgos



Enjoy and plz share yours too! :popcorn:


I was so surprised that both Gorgos started off way differently for you. I really cannot comprehend that.

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Plenty to share and I can make more :wink:


Oh damn that’s look pretty different . If I use my strategy I will get destroy if gorgo cleanses … need to think more about it.

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It’s awesome that you choose to use dinos in “acceptable” levels that most of us can have.


Thanks @Arnold!
Haha, yeah… I figured it’s more fun to watch if you have comparable dinos and can actually apply the same strategy. I will admit, it has backfired on me once or twice :sweat_smile:


What would you have done if gorgo used ferocious and it crited ?


Pyrri would’ve likely died from that even if gorgo was distracted soo…

I probably would’ve put in suchotator in next instead of dilorano. Gorgo would’ve acted first.

If it went with cleansing impact:
Sucho would use lethal wound, then ID

If it went with DSR:
Sucho would probably have to be switched out otherwise it’s toast.

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Oh my bad , I talked about gorgosaurus and if he started with ferocious and it crited ^^’


Spinotah would’ve died. Then switch to
suchotator : nullify, bleed, ID


Just for gorgosaurus so . I found this one pretty difficult if RNG is against you


Haha yeah, this one is not easy by any means. But then again, I guess it’s not really meant to be :sob:

I remember @Pocemon saying in one of his older vids that the best thing to arm yourself with is a good attitude. It’s okay if we don’t win them all… luckily there’s always another epic tower in a few days :grin:


I really like the new soundtrack you used for this one @Hersh. I am sure I have heard it before, but can’t put my finger on it.

It’s interesting to see how random the bots are. For me, both went ferocious into rampages.

Maybe their behavior depends on opponent type and level…?

I used Touramoloch, Spinachsuchus, Indominus Rex and Dracorat Gen 2 in that order.

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I’m not going to lie, when your pyrritator went down I got a little nervous for you.


@Hersh lately with the chosen dinos you have picked me nervous and almost hold on my seat!! Hahaha! Stop doin that!!! :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


Hahah yeah, I was hoping to get at least another rampage in… but it was a relief getting the cleansing impact out of the way

@Kopas_25… boring shows are no fun :wink: :popcorn:

@Raven yeah, I figured it was time
To Mix the music up a little :sweat_smile: … and I agree, it looks like the AI suffers from RNG (when it comes to deciding moves) just as we do when it comes to stuns and crits :man_shrugging:t4:


Hersh when he does a mid-level dino video: “Pull up a seat, but you’ll only need the edge.”


Damn, needed two retries. First time was a gamble and second time too much crits. DNA was garbage except some Stygi.


Especially when you have audience… you should perform very well!! @Hersh hahahaha!!!

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