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[gameplay] Level 30: Indoraptor, Stygimoloch & Blue


Enjoy :popcorn:


Thanks hersh. Nice rewards hahahaha


Nice one Hersh - loved the one shot on Stygi - what level was that Thor?
But … Concavenator :rofl:
I failed; so close :frowning:

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Nice one Hersh.

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SD Power


why no thor instant charge? :sob:
nice though! :sunglasses:
wish i had a 27 thor


Was anticipating blue to lead with short defense so I could land another 1 shot kill with DSR :man_facepalming:t4::man_shrugging:t4:


Nice - Stygi stunned me with its Instant Charge :frowning: and turned the tide


Yeah I definitely got lucky there. You going to retry?


I will tomorrow - will see how everyone else does; not too dispirited as it was close - think I should have gone straight for Monostego rather than bringing back in a weakened Suchotator. Mind you seeing your DNA makes me not want to bother :slight_smile:


Had to try it twice but I got it. First time Indoraptor led and crit on Cleanse, taking out my Diloracheirus. I was doomed after that. Second time Blue led, which I was not anticipating. Had to switch to Stegodeus and was able to take out Blue and damage Indo, then Dilo came in to finish off Indo and Stygi. Overall this was the most difficult strike tower they’ve given us yet, but it was fun!

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I dont mean to seem harsh but to all those saying it was impossible and unfair, this was the ultimate wait and see evidence. I started with monstego, killed indo and only took 1 hit, Mono hit stig once for 1k then died. I sent in Toura, stig hit and ran and I slowed blue followed by stun then impact and run, blue died without attacking. Next was Stegod vs half dead stig, slow then rampage and it was over.


OMG I did it. I’m a lvl 14 player and My team was stego21, mono 19, trago 21 and alanky 18. So I started with Mono slow down move where Indo went with cleansed. Then mono stunned Indo with critical hit. Then I easily managed to kill Indo and my mono left with 13xx health. Styg came second so I switched to alanky to invincibility and survive it frist move with no damage. Then styg hit with stunning move (critical) but alanky couldn’t stunned and went with SS. Now I’ve got a chance to hit first ( rampage) and stgy killed me with hit and run move. Now blue swapped and I selected stego. Blue hitted with shield and I went with theogo. Then I went with shield move and blue with 2X move. Then I went with ramapage and blue killed me. Blue left with 6xx health. Then i selected trago and killed blue with Ramapage. Now it’s stgy who went with shield and I went with invincibility. Stygy stunning move stunned me but no damage followed by hit and run move again no damage but trago hit with SS now I’ve got chance to hit first so I went with 2x move and killed styg.


Lol what about all us noobs that don’t have uniques XD


You get to do the white tower with the level 5 dinos, lol.

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I have Legends, beat the other strike events this week. Im thinking that as long as the opponent doesn’t crit, i might be able to win


Lol im not that noob


Well I came here to see if anyone completed todays epic strike and I guess you did…I tried and failed and it’s bad enough I had to spend 400 cash to do yesterdays epic and that was easier than today so today I opted to just walk away. I tried with my legendary team who are all in their teens except for Indominus Rex who is 20, I started off with him and cloak but Indoraptor 1 swiped through the cloak to kill…then I got a blead on Indo and after that I tried chicken but she got in 1 evade before dying and that was that.


Usually only put these up for my alliance but mite aswell drop my link


Havent logged in yet today. Im assuming that we get 2 or 3 retries like yesterdays gold tower?