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[gameplay] Level 30: Indoraptor, Stygimoloch & Blue

Nope only 1 try, as it usually is for single step towers

Wasnt too hard GG, slow and stun


I tried with level 23 Erlido, 26 Dilo, 27 Indorap and 26 Spino … Got busted. Indo started for me and it was close and I lost.

2nd attempt with 200 hard cash and won, I used 23 Erlido (using him to get extra speed over blue if managed to kill another dino with speed increase strike), 21 Tryko, 27 Indo and 26 Spino.

This time blue started when I stared with Spino. But luckily blue did first of his hits as simple strike, he died, then Indo came did cleanse, and then Evasive but failed to dodge, died and then Stygi was take care relatively easily.

For me win was because of first 2x hits from Blue as strike. Lucky I think.

Just to clarify, do you mean epic erliko and not Erlidominus right?

Min speed up is great against raptors in either case

Sorry, I meant unique. I am against leveling any dino below legend above 20.

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Nice job! Did ya think of me when you got bary? :smile: Congrats!

I admit I was worried going in, but my level 25 Tryko took down the entire tower by itself. Didn’t have to swap or anything.

Tryko ended with 34 health left lol.

Ps - rewards sucked. :persevere:

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I haven’t ventured out in the subzero temps yet, but thinking 25 suchutator, 24 green chicken and 28 steg or 26 thor should do it. Super relieved the rewards aren’t featured creature related.

Tryko is really OP. my level 21 gave them trouble so I am sure level 25 can solo them too. Sorry for poor quality, it is my first yt video. I got disconnected (welcome in Poland…) and had weird fight vs Stygimoloch at the end, but I did it on 1st try with 22 Spinotasuchus, 25 Indoraptor, 22 Thor and 27 Stegodeus.


Took two tries, with Monostegops (19), Suchotator (19), Stegod (23), Indom (20).

First try: Mono’s stun fails on Indo, and then Blue pounces through Indominus’ cloak (scrambling at that point).

Second try: Mono’s slow/stun+crit/nullify works to kill Indoraptor (the AI actually tried evasive stance for once). Suchotator bleed + ID takes out Blue, and then Indominus cloak-smashes Stygi for the win.


sorry im late to the party. 1/27/19


Love your giga pater! Great vid

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the big dummy really came through today!!

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Here is my success. Was lucky with Indo crit and that Stygi didn’t crit on Impact and run.


Poor big dumb dino did you well today​:joy::joy::joy:

Haha I did! Funny thing is I actually got one down the street from my house last night and also found one today. They seem to come in waves.

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Three Crits in a row from Indoraptor. Not trying again. Crying.

Which dinos did you used?