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[gameplay] Level 30 Nodapatotitan


Hi guys,
Normally I go with midlevel non-bleeders on these towers, but since this things HP is like 6000+, bleeding really is your best strategy if you don’t have high level chompers. Not worth risking it with any other strat IMO.

  1. lethal wound :syringe:
  2. SIA wound :syringe:
  3. dino 2 dies
  4. play a high HP Dino that can handle an impact move (~1900 HP)
  5. long neck dies :sauropod::dizzy_face:

I let my tryostronix have a little fun this morning, but bleeding is really the best way to go on this one if you’re a fairly new or mid-level player.

Enough of me talking, here you go! :popcorn:


Great info as always. Really enjoying my concav and alanqa


You always get the best DNA mate!

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Well compared to some of the towers we’ve had recently this was so easy :smile: only noteworthy dna I got was mono :slight_smile:


Got concav and ptera, and arambourgiana and echo for rares


Used my Spinotasuchus and Indominus rex to finish off that bugger.


Should be pretty easy for Mid-level players.

I used:
Suchotator lvl 17
Pyrritator lvl 18

Sucho did lethal wound, then used nullifying impact to remove shield.
Then Pyrritator finished off with a pounce.


Productive 30 minutes! No epic tower in the immediate vicinity but one on the far side of the 20 minute park circuit I do nearby. Popped a large scent and set off - found T-Rex, Tenonto, Ornithomimus, Triceratops, Dilo G2, Stego and assorted other commons. Did the epic tower (L28 Sucho did it with one arm tied behind its back) and got a superb incubator - Tenonto, 1000s of Dilo G2 and Iguanodon and the epics were T-Rex and Anky :smile:


Sorry but couldn’t help but laugh at the image of you “popping off a scent” and setting off on your circuit route! :joy:

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I did it with essentially chompers and it worked pretty great. Always nice to get coins and erli dna ^^


Here it is guys.
Got some awesome dna!!! including legendary dna!


that’s a lotta damage @Hersh!!

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Nice combo of bleeders :+1:
Good epic DNA!

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I just did the scent strike and got an epic scent! :grinning::grinning:
this isn’t even friday’s scent strike!! :smiley::joy:

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Fairly easy tower if you’ve got some bleeders. Luckily got some Ankylo DNA from this one :slight_smile:

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Used tryko and crit on rampage lol gg nodopato


I just unlocked tryko! Been a long time coming for me. What level is yours?


mine’s lvl 0 I don’t have one yet :joy:


Hey Hersh, Spinotasuchus’s Lethal Wound followed by Swoop worked great on this Strike event for me! Did anyone use any other strategies?


This strike also proves that Nodopatotitan needs a big buff if it’s going to ever be useful at higher levels. Aside from its massive health, totally inferior for a legendary. At level 30, it’s counter barely does above 300 damage, and it has no rampage attacks. Nothing more than a trophy as it’s built right now.

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